Year Of The Tiger

The tiger is known as a powerful creature and it is no different when it comes to the Chinese zodiac sign. Known for their strong opinions and their leadership capabilities, it is abundantly clear when a tiger enters the room.



The year of the tiger is fast approaching, falling in 2022. All eyes are on the tiger. People born in this year are very strong-willed and focused. It takes a particular type of personality to be matched with a tiger sign and where possible they should be matched with someone who is compatible. Tigers tend to gravitate towards leadership roles for a career and because they are so focused on climbing the corporate ladder, their health can be neglected.


We are now going to explore the tiger more. Let’s dive in!


Tiger Years



The Year of the Tiger will fall on the year 2022 which is coming up next year. The Chinese New Year falls on February 1st 2022.

The tiger is the third of the zodiac signs according to the Jade Emperor, after the ox and rat. According to Chinese folklore, the ox rode in with the rat on his back, then the rat stepped down. The next morning the tiger swiftly arrived at court.

The tiger Chinese zodiac is associated with the earthly branch and the time of 3-5 in the morning.

The Chinese zodiac is cyclical in nature. But some of the earlier and upcoming tiger zodiac years include;

  • 1926,

  • 1938,

  • 1950,

  • 1962,

  • 1974,

  • 1986,

  • 1998,

  • 2010,

  • and 2022

Tigers are described as strong, courageous and active. They enjoy being faced with challenges, this is what spurs them on. Those with the Tiger zodiac sign enjoy embarking on new adventures and are very optimistic.



Tiger Personality And Characteristics


The tiger personality is kind and generous, and they like nothing more than giving. Tigers have an affinity for children and the Chinese believe them to be guardians of children. See the movie Mowgli: The Jungle Book, for a virtual comparison of this dynamic.

Tiger’s have strong characteristics where they like to show their emotions and at times because of their emotional nature, they can make hasty decisions. Sometimes they can spin out of control. A tiger generally lives a mediocre life and throughout it, they experience many ups and downs. However, they always remain resolute and believe in themselves. Their motto is to never give up.


Year Of The Tiger And Chinese Zodiac Elements 


There are various elements, water, wood, fire, earth and metal which correspond to the tiger year. They will be explored further below. 




Tigers who possess a water sign are straightforward and do not mess around. They always go after what they want. They often have troubles in their younger years, and in their older years, they are more steady. Tigers are recommended to be married later in life rather than their early years.

Water tigers are more flexible than metal or fire signs willing to compromise when it comes to relationships and also in their career. Although they can have mood swings they are calmer than other signs. They are willing to adapt if they need to.




The wood tiger uses their charisma to draw people to them. They like to get involved in solving problems, including other people’s problems. They may end up feeling used when everything is said and done.




Fire tigers are very proud and nothing will phase them. It is advised not to enter into an argument with a fire tiger. They have big aspirations in life and defend this with all they have. On the other hand, they are also very optimistic and see the glass as half full.




Earth Tigers are intelligent and driven. They are steady and not prone to mood swings. Tiger’s are ambitious but at the same time patient. They are kindhearted and generous. This sign is more adaptable than other signs.




Metal tigers are singularly driven towards their goals. This can make it difficult for people who work with them because of their strong focus. Metal tiger’s work on projects that benefit themselves rather than the whole team. Arguments generally ensue when the focus is not on the overall team objective. Hence this sign can be fiery.


Tiger Compatibility


The most compatible Chinese zodiac sign with the Tiger are the Pig, Horse and Dog.


Male Tiger Compatibility


  • Tiger and Pig - Highly Compatible - They both can make sacrifices when it is warranted for the betterment of the partnership.

  • Tiger and Horse - Highly Compatible - Horses can attract the attention of the tiger and have respect for one another and have the ability to support one another.

  • Tiger and Dog - Highly Compatible - Tiger’s are hard on themselves and others and only show their softer side to the dog. They encourage the dog to go after their goals and stick with them and withstand any storms.

  • Tiger and Dragon - Medium Compatible - Have to make a lot of effort to be with one another. Yet there is a lot of warmth.

  • Tiger and Rat - Medium Compatible - Female rat must withstand the Male tiger’s anger.

  • Tiger and Rooster - Medium Compatible - Separate pursuits and goals not a good match.

  • Tiger and Monkey - Low Compatible - Their personalities clash and they want and need different things.

  • Tiger and Sheep -  Medium Compatible - Different personalities but you have mutual understanding of one another.

  • Tiger and Ox - Medium Compatible - Lacking synergies do not blend well with one another.

  • Tiger and Rabbit - Medium Compatible - Requires great effort from both sides, often ends in arguments.

  • Tiger and Snake - Low Compatible - They find it hard to relate to one another and they can be highly suspicious of one another.

  • Tiger and Tiger - Medium Compatible - A lot of similarities and therefore cannot agree on things easily.


Female Tiger Compatibility


  • Tiger and Pig - Highly Compatible - Have similar beliefs and a foundation that makes it easy to relate to one another. Can attract each other and please one another.

  • Tiger and Horse - Highly Compatible - Much in common, this is a decent match.

  • Tiger and Dog - Highly Compatible - There are similarities, both show kindness and are optimistic.

  • Tiger and Dragon - Medium Compatible - The male dragon is irritable and bad-tempered and wants to dominate the relationship. The female tiger respects the male dragon but cannot give up so easily on herself.

  • Tiger and Rat - Medium Compatible - Have much in common, are enthusiastic but still not the best match.

  • Tiger and Rooster - Medium Compatible - Although might have some happiness, generally there is a lot of arguments because of the compatibility.

  • Tiger and Monkey - Low Compatible - Both have the need to lead and therefore will clash a lot.

  • Tiger and Sheep -  Medium Compatible - Not the best match, leaves a lot to be desired.

  • Tiger and Ox - Medium Compatible - You have little in common, there are better matches.

  • Tiger and Rabbit - Medium Compatible - You are out of step with one another.

  • Tiger and Snake - Low Compatible - These signs can be impulsive and jealous of one another.

  • Tiger and Tiger - Medium Compatible - So similar so both won't be willing to make sacrifices for the other.



Lucky and Unlucky Things For Tigers


Lucky Things 


Numbers are 1, 3, 7 and colors are green and blue. Flowers are plum blossoms. Direction of auspiciousness is north and direction of wealth is southeast and northwest. Direction of love is east


Unlucky Things


Numbers 4 and 9 and the color white


Careers For Tigers


Tigers are natural-born leaders. They live to work they do not work to live. They are better suited to management or supervisory roles where they can feel more control. Tigers do not deal well with menial jobs. They have to work in roles where they know they are making a difference.

Although prone to angry outbursts, tigers must always remember to listen to and include others. At work, they must engage with coworkers and subordinates so that the best outcome can be found for all. However, water tigers are more adaptive as mentioned earlier, other elements are not so flexible.

Suitable professions are; pilot, explorer, CEO, or entrepreneur.



Tiger Health & Lifestyle


Tigers are sensitive to certain foods and are known to be picky eaters. They can tend towards sweets so managing a healthy diet is of utmost importance.

Sleep is also important for the tiger. However, because their jobs can be so demanding they may suffer from anxiety and insomnia. Finding balance is important for this Chinese zodiac sign. Being around loved ones and taking breaks is what this sign needs to find that equilibrium.

For exercise, they enjoy walking or running or any aerobic exercise that gets the blood pumping. They are advised not to work themselves too hard though. It is quite common for tigers to miss the annual flu session altogether and they enjoy good health throughout the year as long as they don't become burnt out. 

The tiger is a strong personality unlike any other. The water and earth signs are more amenable, whereas the fire and metal signs are more prone to angry outbursts. The balance for the tiger is between his or her own interests and the interests of others. The horse, dog, and pig are compatible with the tiger, and where possible tiger should be matched with them. The tiger zodiac sign is suited to leadership roles where they can make their own decisions, and where possible they should avoid menial jobs. The tiger is a special zodiac sign which enjoys being faced with problems and is always up for an adventure. Long live the tiger!

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