The Meaning of Number 2022 and the Year 2022

The year 2022 in spiritual numerology is the year of harvest

2022 is right here! What’s the meaning of the number 2022 in spiritual numerology? What can we expect from the new year?

The past year has broken fresh ground and has laid it down with the seeds of future great deeds, new 2022 will start harvesting. The number 2022 says that the one who will plant more seeds with harvest more, too.

Besides, the number 2022 tells us (in its numerical language, of course) that only a healthy tree can give us juicy and tasty fruit. This is one of the key meanings of the number 2022.

In 2022, negligent seeders will only be able to watch the success of others and be happy for them trying not to eat their hearts out.

The meaning of the number 2022 is the triumph of justice.

The new 2022 is the year of fair pay-off. It’s fair even if you don’t agree with the fact. You can have any opinion about the fact, though, because we all have our views on justice. In our opinion, justice as we see it can be more “correct” than the justice of some third-rate universe we live in!

Hey, world, where are you? Come on, get out from under the table! Oh, you’re so small! Our overgrown ego is much bigger than you are! Well, in 2022 even the biggest ego can feel quite well provided that it’s surrounded by some logic and positive thinking.


The Numbers 2022 and 2021 – You Reap As You Sow

The years 2022 and 2020 can be united under one proud motto: “You Reap As You Sow.” You will sow in 2022 what you reaped in 2020. If you sowed the wishes that were far from reality, you will reap “it didn’t work. If you sowed distrust in people, you will reap loneliness and the feeling of uselessness.

If we sowed the seeds of useful experience in 2020, we will reap wisdom in 2022. If we sowed mercy, we will reap forgiveness; the hatred sown in 2020 will bring us war in 2022; goodwill sown earlier will result in love now. This is the Force vector directed from the number 2020 to the number 2022.


The year 2022 Comes to Two Worlds Simultaneously

Thinking about the meaning of 2022 in spiritual numerology, one has to keep the following fact in mind: if people sow something around, they do it in the way they see it. E.g., we may believe we were sowing good in 2020, but it’s not necessarily so. It only means we believed in this fact! However, things could be different…

Sometimes parents who are very strict with their kids wish them the best from the bottom of their hearts. However, these parents give their beloved child the worst childhood memories one can imagine.

You see, children are what we think of them. Children are children. Similarly, the Sun is not what we think of it; the Sun is the Sun. Life is not what we think of it – life is life.

The number 2022 will remind people that the world and our ideas about it are two different things. We live in one of them, and then we invent the second one and live in it, too. The good news is that the year 2022 comes into both worlds! We can celebrate the New Year twice, so be ready for the double expenses.

The Year 2022 Says That It’s Not All Good That Seems to Be It

The number 2022 shatters many illusions, both pleasant and not so pleasant ones.

Let's say that in 2022 a person helps somebody although he’s not asked for help. The do-gooder believes that he’s performed an act of kindness. However, in response to his action, he receives only reproaches and other manifestations of “awful lack of gratitude.” The cause of such a reaction is simple, though: something that is an act of kindness for one person is an act of evil for another one.

In 2022, you should necessarily do good to others. Just keep one little thing in mind: ask the person what is good for him or her. If you forget about it, you can face curses and insults instead of gratitude. Not so fair, is it?

The real world around us and our illusions about this world are not the same things. A person and our ideas about him or her, can be different, too! In 2022, this truth will become even more evident and will be underlined in bold.

Another meaning of the number 2022 is moderation in food.


In 2022, you have to be moderate in what you eat. The number 2022 is totally against gluttony. Overnutrition is not good for our bodies anyway, but it becomes even more evident in 2022.

Have you ever wondered why our bodies can accept much more food than we need? I believe the one who has created us has made a big mistake about the size of the human stomach. It should be at least three times smaller and not be able to stretch forever and ever.

Why won’t 2022 become auspicious for food lovers? Because the energy of the number 2022 is very lively, provocative, and venturous. It patronizes active people. How can you be active when your stomach is full? In this case, you can only dream of covering the distance between your bed and your toilet room!

Wolfhounds are given very little food during long passages to make sure they run well. In 2022, heaven tries not to overfeed us, too, to help us stay cheerful and reach 2022 in good health.


Spiritual Health in 2022


The same can be said about our spiritual food in 2022.


The number 2022 advises us to eat it moderately even if our spiritual hunger is violent. To remain in high spirits, one shouldn’t swallow the big pieces of information about the spiritual world. It should be thoroughly chewed and thought over. These thoughts will show you the unequaled skill of the great Chef.

Our soul shouldn’t consume more spiritual food than it can digest. It should not worry about the fact it can’t eat anything. Healthy nutrition is a key to spiritual health.

The Shining Wrapping of the Number 2022 – What to Expect?

Sometimes, the year 2022 will look like candy in a shining wrapping. When you unwrap it, you will see nothing more than the uncertainty and stagnation of 2020.

In 2022, you will face quite a few such “fakes.” You may find an interesting thing to do, but once you dig deeper, you’ll find nothing but drudgery. Or, for example, you will be expecting a promising event; however, once it comes and you’re in it, you’ll realize there is no continuation, no resource to go on. Or, even worse, you’re in love; however, time passes, and you see that it’s not love – just self-deception.

In 2022, people will enjoy big changes in society. Significant shifts are always about hope! However, many of us will soon realize we’re just victims of illusions caused by yet another change of scene on the Great Stage of Life.

In 2022, we will enjoy the new scenery that will be more cheerful than those of 2020. But don’t forget that the actors will remain the same and very few amendments to the script of life will be made…

The Number 2022 – Yin and Yang of a Personality

Another meaning of the number 2022 in spiritual numerology is the active and mutually beneficial cooperation of Yin and Yang – the female and male principles. If we want the year 2022 to be especially helpful, we have to harmonize the two principles first. They are like two rails needed for the train of human destinies to move on.

If these rails fail to come to an arrangement and decide to part, the trains of our destinies will start coming off the rails. Consequently, human souls won’t be able to fulfill their potential in the material world in 2022. Or they will at least fail to perform the planned karmic tasks.

What does the cooperation of male and female principles mean? That’s a fruitful collaboration of female and male energies. As a result of this process, we get amazing hybrids like brave Love, merciful Power, flexible Principles, unobtrusive Faith, patient Will, and humane Justice.

If in 2022 we are wise enough and don’t let our ambitions and fears get the best of us, then our inner “men” and “women” will give birth to healthy ideas, beautiful feelings, and bright actions.

The Number 2022 Has Weak Brakes


In 2022, men and women will have to learn to find a common language. Quarrels and offenses will only harm both parties. They will lose a lot. Why? Because the year 2022 has weak brakes. If you let your emotions speed up, you will find it impossible to stop them.

We should also keep it in mind that a too active vindication of the rights of women – it doesn’t even matter which year it is now – can result in various gynecological diseases caused by a wrong attitude to the male energy.

As for the meaning of the number 2022, the most important thing is the following: it supports the harmony between sexes, not the desperate struggle for equality!

The Truth Will Out in 2022

In 2022, the divine intent concerning humanity will finally become clear. We will see what the supreme forces have been keeping in mind when they made us go through strange things. We’re on the threshold of great discoveries!

However, you shouldn’t get too excited. The higher spiritual forces that control us won’t be completely open to us telling us about all the details of their future project. There will be lots of things we will fail to understand. Or, rather, it’s our understanding of things that will let us down.

The number 2022 is Blunt


The number 2022 is behindhand in delicacy. Consequently, the year 2022 is going to have very little patience with us, too. If it’s needed, it will spare neither our feelings, not our pride. If it tells you to go and win the affinity of others, you’d better go and win it.


The energy of 2022 can be very bold and impatient to a contradiction. If it wants to change the value system in a society, it will do it at the drop of the hat. If it needs to destroy something, it will. If it wants to create something, it will, too.

The Year 2022 – What Can We Plan?

Almost nothing.


The year 2022 reminds me of a naughty child that jumps from around the corner to scare his parents. If it copes with the task, it’s so happy and never thinks about the fact that mom and dad could have a heart attack because of it. The number 2022 means no harm; it simply wants to have fun and suffers from excess energy.

The year 2022 is so unique because it will produce much more energy than humanity can assimilate. The excess energy will spread in space causing different feelings, from sadness to joy, and from disappointment to hope. No conclusions can be made – it’s just the energy of 2022 that walks around our space and time…

You Can Only Take What Belongs to You!


So, in 2022 a baby called Future will be born on our planet. We don’t know if it will be healthy or not, we will have to take care of it anyway because it’s Our Future!

If it weren’t ours, we would never get it. The thing is, inside karmic circles, just like in real life, you can only get things that are yours. It’s even more serious, though – in real life, you can cheat and take something that doesn’t belong to you; when it concerns karma, no cheating is possible. Take it if it’s yours, or pass on if it isn't.

Our “things” remain in our souls forever. Miss, don’t forget your coat! Hey, mister, that’s not yours, go away! Feeling sad? That’s not our problem! Do whatever you want, but we’ll not give you things that are not yours.

The Number 2022 – Tough Questions

The year 2022 will beat the dust out of all your carpets, and by the dust, we mean all your old quarrels and offenses. Now, you will have to do something about them… This dust can’t be hidden again – it’s not the right time for it and not the right year.

The year 2020 kept bunches of secrets, intriguing our minds and sometimes misleading us. The year 2022 will stun us with its childlike innocence and passion in the search for truth. The number 2022 makes everything clear and doubtless: salt is salty, sugar is sweet, and pepper is spicy.

The year will ask us tough questions and to some of them, we won’t be able to find answers. Why do we live on the Earth? What good deeds have we done? Have we sincerely forgiven many people? How much love are we keeping in our cold hearts?

In 2022, There Are No Places to Hide

In 2022, many of us will have an uncomfortable feeling that we have nowhere to hide. People with their fears and insecurities are in the public eye, open and unprotected. Former secret places are not so secret anymore. Former secrets aren’t secrets now either.

In 2022, all sober-minded and spiritually open people will realize that both their sins and good deeds will be spread before the eyes of God. Nothing can be hidden! The heavenly powers, inspired by the life-asserting energy of the number 2022, will look into your eyes in a new, especially attentive manner. They will look for the smallest signs of fake joy, simulative love for mankind, and unreal faith. You won’t be able to pretend your kind and honest, you’ll have to become one!

You can be anyone in 2022, the main thing to remember is that you have to remain sincere. Sincerity is the biggest virtue for the number 2022. This fact will disappoint those who are used to lying to others and pretending a different person instead of remaining themselves.

The year 2022 is a wonderful year for those who want to become genuinely unique without pretending to be somebody else. From the viewpoint of the year 2022, one had better be an original that is far from perfect than an ideal copy.

The year 2022 – Laying Our Cards on the Table

It seems the year 2022 is laying all cards on the table and is making you do the same. What are you hiding? Show us now! Offenses? Envy? Disappointments? Optimism? Trust? Love? Come on, show us all your cards now!

As we have already stated, the number 2022 is intolerable to mind games or lies. Actors can suffer in 2022 because of it, as play-acting is their job!

However, here we face some spiritual nuances, too. People practically live in the theatre. We are all actors in the drama of life on the stage of the real world. Each of us plays his or her part.

The plays are all very different in their range and ambitions, but the core meaning is the same – hypocrisy. We don’t punish small kids when they pretend to be doctors and treat each other for fun. Should we ask them to show us their diplomas in medicine? Or blame them, shouting: “Don’t lie to me, you’re not a doctor!”


The year 2022 Is a Year of Non-Free Meals.


The year 2022 will prove that one has to sing for his supper! Those who will continue eating their supper without singing for them will get what they deserve soon. The fair energy of 2022 is sure to invent a way for them to pay for their regular meals. And non-regular, too!

However, sponging on somebody is sometimes a well-deserved reward for their stamina and dedication shown in the past. Sometimes, free and high-calorie diets are just affirmations for our souls that help them gain the necessary experience. It’s like proving to us that paradise can exist in this life, too.

Some people even act up saying that they want a phoenix who won’t rise from the ashes. Dead is dead.

On the other hand, you shouldn’t rely on free meals only. Why? Because the number 2022 doesn’t like dependents. One of the major meanings of the number 2022 in numerology is “justice.” And justice means that we should all get our just deserts. Nature makes no exceptions for the ill and weak hares! If one of them fails to escape a predator, all we can do is to say goodbye! If a bear fails to lay a store of food for the winter, it will die, whether we want it or not.

Nature isn’t cruel, it just follows the simple rules of justice that should remain valid on all levels of Existence, both spiritual and physical. Failing that, the world will be filled with ill hares and misfit bears.

The Main Exam of 2022

In 2022, our main exam will include the skill of accomplishing our goals or, at least, advancing our claims. The energy of the number 2022 will test if we’re ready to display the bold initiative in various life activities. Besides, it will check if we can calmly and with a smile oppose ourselves to the inactive society.

Mentally weak people will find this task very hard. On the other hand, if they cope with this weakness, the reward can be even greater than they expected. The year 2022 is a year of natural selection, both spiritual and physical.

The Year 2022 Is a Year of Mild Force and Broken Eggs

The number 2022 promotes Force, a mild one. That’s why the year 2022 will sure support those of us who are strong in love, faith, wisdom, and understanding of our true spiritual “Ourselves”.

However, if somebody is strong in rudeness, neglecting their families, cheating, or humiliating the weak, the year 2022 will show true colors. It will be punishing, burning with righteous anger, and penalizing ruffians and abusers.

The year 2022 will take up the slack and continue what the year 2020 has already started – increasing the contrast between the spiritually-oriented and materially-oriented ones. The former ones put spiritual values first while the latter ones do the same with the material values. In the new 2022, the distance between these two types of personalities will become bigger and bigger until it becomes uncoverable (at least, in the way it exists now).

However, if you can combine the simultaneous accumulation of both material and spiritual values during 2022, this distance will turn into a small hole one can easily jump over.


The year 2022 is like a big and strong woodman who has decided to make something grandiose out of the Tree of Life. Here, things work under a famous proverb: “You can’t make an omelet without breaking eggs.”

The Year 2022 Is a Year of Bright Individuals

The year 2022 is a great year for self-affirmation and realization of your inner self, different from a featureless crowd. This crowd is made of personalities who have already lost their unique features and simply can’t be identified. It means that these unique features belong to everybody but to nobody in particular…

For the number 2022, selfishness is not a disadvantage if it brings positive results. In the end, we get sort of “wrong”, “unselfish” selfishness. It’s common for many scientists and philosophers who think of themselves only but still manage to generate value for society, too.

2022 is a year of bright and talented egoists. Copying the ideas and actions of others is not encouraged. Even if you have one strange idea about your future in 2022, fight for it. This idea is truly yours, don’t forget about it!

The number 2022 favors persistent people who believe in their power and defend their opinion against all the odds. This is what makes the number 2022 similar to the number 2027. We mean that believing in yourself and God is equally important both in the year 2022 and 2027. However, the year 2027 is a long way off… Meanwhile, 2022 is going to be active and almost reckless, which makes it pretty hard to live to the year 2027!


The energy of the number 2022 will give us every assistance in realizing the fact that every person is a unique tool in the hands of our Creator. Each of us performs a unique function that can’t be performed better by anybody else – just because another person is different.

The Year 2022 – Emerging from Hibernation


In 2022, we will have to come out of hibernation. After the year 2020, humanity is, mildly speaking, shocked, stunned, and devastated. Just like a drunkard that has just woken up from an oblivious sleep, humanity is standing blinking dumbly and doesn’t understand what’s going on…

-       Hey, people, - the humanity says, - where can we take a hair of the dog?

-       What’s wrong? – Heaven asks.

-       Well, we've been playing tricks with the year 2020… And we’re now suffering from a terrible headache. If we could only take the hair of the dog that bit us...

-       You can only do it in the afterlife!

-       Ok, - the humanity said. – Let’s start the afterlife, then! We are ready.

Jokes aside, in the year 2022, humanity will be born again in another reality. And we will have to learn how to toddle again – step by step, step by step…

The Meaning of Number 2022 and the Year 2022
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