Year Of The Pig

In the Chinese Zodiac, Pigs are hardworking and unassuming. But there’s more to this zodiac sign than meets the eye!



Because they’re so laid back, people often underestimate the Pig in the Chinese Zodiac. But this is an industrious sign that knows how to build a life filled with comfort, success, and love.


The Chinese Zodiac changes signs every year in a 12-year cycle. This is calculated with the Lunar calendar, starting the new year on a different date instead of January 1st with the Gregorian calendar. You were born under the sign of the Pig if you were born in 1923, 1935, 1947, 1959, 1971, 1983, 1995, 2007, or 2019.



Pig Personality and Characteristics


Pig personality traits are grounded and kind, though they can be hot-tempered. Those born under this Chinese zodiac sign are diligent and Goal-oriented. Pigs face their problems head-on and work through them until they’re solved. Though they can be a bit materialistic, this can motivate the Pig to get work done. Due to their slow pace and low-key personality, some people might assume the Pig is lazy and dull. But this is definitely not the case! Pigs simply prefer a calm and cozy way of living.


On the negative side, those born under the year of the Pig can be a bit gullible as they assume the best in every person they meet. Additionally, they can be hot-tempered, emotional, impulsive, and have difficulty communicating their feelings with others. But once a person really gets to know someone born under this sign, they’ll find a loyal, doting, and loving partner or friend.



Pig Element Chinese Zodiac (Wood, Fire, Earth, Gold, and Water)


Wood Pig


Sociable and kind Wood Pigs always try to take care of everyone they meet. They’re non-judgmental and can be friends with just about anyone. Wood Pigs love to entertain and are quick with their words, which can make them unwittingly manipulative. Pigs born under the wood element value security and spend less money than those born under the other elements.


Fire Pig


Courageous, powerful, and intense, the Fire Pig is the more extreme of all the elements. They’re fearless and full of trust in their own capabilities. Fire Pigs work extraordinarily hard, motivated by the desire to provide a beautiful and comfortable lifestyle for the ones they hold dear.


Earth Pig


Earth Pigs are extremely patient, and they’ll work toward any goal until they achieve it. Pigs born under this element might overindulge in food and drink more than the other elements. But they don’t let too much get to them and choose to take on a more relaxed approach to their way of living.


Gold Pig


Pigs born under the Gold element are proud, passionate, and a bit more intense than other Pigs. They can be quite excessive in their habits and give in easily to temptations. They deeply value their reputation and are extraordinarily determined because of that. They never quit anything they start and are known for their physical and mental endurance.


Water Pig


Water Pigs are amazing at tapping into the energies of the people around them. Because they’re so empathetic, they can be overly trusting, leaving them open to painful situations. Pigs born under the water element are more peaceful and easygoing than those born under other elements. When feeling negative emotions, they tend to drown their feelings in indulgences like food and drink.




Pig Compatibility



Ox and Pig Compatibility


The Ox and the Pig can get along exceptionally well. They both enjoy spending time at home and building a calm and domestic life together. They’re both hard-working, goal-oriented, and love to indulge in the finer things. The Ox and Pig might find some conflict due to them both being so stubborn. But the Pig doesn’t hold on to any grudges, so they move past small arguments easily.


Rat and Pig Compatibility


These two signs are compatible in almost every area of life and are very loyal to one another. The Pig embraces the Rat’s eccentric and “out there” nature with optimism, always choosing to support their partner in whatever they do. The Rat may feel like the Pig is a little bit lazy, but in turn, the Pig can teach the Rat to slow down and enjoy life without always needing to be on the go.


Tiger and Pig Compatibility


Because the Tiger and Pig both naturally see the best in other people, they easily trust one another. Furthermore, the hard-working Tiger will enjoy how determined the Pig is to achieve their goals. A point of contention comes as the Tiger desires Freedom, and the Pig might not know how to give them adequate space. If the Pig can learn to be flexible and the Tiger to be understanding, the relationship can have a strong foundation for success.


Rabbit and Pig Compatibility


Being a fantastic communicator, the Rabbit can help the Pig be more open and vulnerable. In return, the ever-supportive Pig will always cheer on the Rabbit in whatever endeavor they decide to embark on. Together, these two signs can build an extremely supportive and symbiotic relationship.


Dragon and Pig Compatibility


The Dragon and the Pig can have an extremely passionate and fiery relationship… for better or worse. One minute they’re absolutely enthralled with each other, and the next minute, they’re at each other’s throats. Additionally, the Dragon’s energy can either invigorate or irritate the pig. These two need to work on balance and be wary of the passion between them quickly burning out.


Snake and Pig Compatibility


Because the Snake is so private and mistrusting, the Pig might have a hard time breaking down their walls. They also might really dislike how skeptical the Snake tends to be. However, the Snake might be able to intuitively understand the Pig, and if they learn to trust them, things can work out. The Pig should tread carefully because being so trusting might cause them to be manipulated in this pairing.


Horse and Pig Compatibility


These two can make things work if the Horse learns to accept the Pig’s slower nature and if the Pig compromises and makes an effort to keep up with the Horse. The Horse might become bored with the Pig’s predictability and consistent nature. Because they’re both so different energetically, it might take patience to make this work.


Monkey and Pig Compatibility


The conflict within this coupling arises when the social and adventurous Monkey becomes frustrated with the Pig, who prefers a calm time at home. Because they both enjoy such different things, they’ll need to learn how to balance their time together. The Monkey doesn’t know how to relax, and the Pig just wants to chill. This might cause some arguments.


Rooster and Pig Compatibility


The Rooster and Pig are extremely devoted to one another. The Rooster can be outspoken and opinionated. But because the Pig is so accepting, they really don’t mind, and they know when not to take the Rooster too seriously. These two might find conflict due to the Pig being a bit more emotional than the Rooster is used to. If the Rooster learns how to consider the Pig’s sensitivity, things between the two can work out.


Dog and Pig compatibility


Both the Dog and Pig have a happy, carefree demeanor. They may clash because the Pig prioritizes pleasure while the Dog prioritizes work. However, because they’re both so agreeable, they’ll be great at finding common ground in their differences.


Pig and Pig Compatibility


Sometimes it’s hard to get along with someone who’s exactly like yourself, and this is a problem with a double Pig coupling. Because they’re so stubborn, a Pig might have a difficult time compromising with another Pig. It takes a lot of effort for a Pig to change their habits. But if they’re diligent and put in the work, they can create a beautiful and comfortable life together.




Lucky and Unlucky Things For The Pig



Lucky colors include yellowbrown, and gold. Wearing these colors and decorating with them can energize the Pig, helping them feel comfortable and at ease. They do well with hydrangeas in their home, as well as ruby and jade gemstone jewelry. These things bring good luck and calm energy to the Pig zodiac sign.


With an exception to the gemstones, Pigs might want to avoid red, green, and blue colors. 




Careers For Pig


Because they’re so caring, Pigs work well with animals and make great veterinarians and zoologists. They also do well working in nature and can succeed in agriculture, botany, and landscaping. Since they love experiencing the beautiful side of life, Pigs make great artists and musicians. They especially make fantastic interior designers since they enjoy being in the home.



Pig Health And Lifestyle


Those born under the Pig zodiac sign have strong and resilient bodies. But that doesn’t mean they should take this for granted! They need to be careful not to overindulge in the finer things such as delicious food, fine wine, and lazing about at home. Since they’re naturally very low energy, Pigs must get enough sleep and prioritize movement throughout their day. Not doing so can have negative effects on both their physical and mental health. Activities such as nature walks, bike riding, and gardening are great to keep the Pig happy and healthy.

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