Year Of The Ox

In Chinese astrology, signs are determined by your birth year. The second sign in the Chinese zodiac cycle is the Ox, occurring every 12 years. Like their counterparts out in the fields, the Ox is one of the most resilient and adaptable signs.



Those born during the Chinese Ox years can turn to their sign for guidance in friendships and relationships and can even learn which signs to avoid right off the bat. The year you’re born also gives detailed insight into how you’ll grow as a professional, so it’s also a fabulous resource for making major career decisions. Other life factors like health and fortune are believed to be predetermined by your Chinese zodiac sign as well.



Ox Years



The Ox Years in Chinese astrology include 1913, 1925, 1937, 1949, 1961, 1973, 1985, 1997, 2009, and 2021. Anyone born during these years falls under the Ox.



Ox Personality And Characteristics



The Ox is a peacemaker in all facets of their lives. They won’t always admit it, but they only feel genuinely fulfilled knowing all of the moving parts around them are working in sync. That includes ensuring the people they care about are always happy. 


Honesty, loyalty, and responsibility are the most well-known Ox personality traits. This sign makes a great friend, and people tend to trust them before even getting to know them. 


The Ox generally relies on a heightened sense of patience and faith to navigate even the most grueling scenarios. Often, the Ox finds themselves enduring situations that their peers would immediately run from. Everyone thinks they have a secret or are just lucky, but the truth is, the Ox zodiac personality values persistence and determination. 


In social settings, the Ox likes to have fun, but they are not at all impulsive. No matter how serious the situation is, the Ox carefully calculates every decision they make. This quality is often mistaken for indecisiveness. 


The Ox’s level-headedness and affinity for stability make them highly admirable in the eyes of their peers, but they’ll never understand why! They don’t like to be the center of attention and certainly don’t want any of the praise that comes with it. 



Elements of Chinese Zodiac Ox: Wood, Fire, Earth, Gold, and Water



Wood, Fire, Earth, Gold, and Water all symbolize different characteristics of the Ox. 


Born in 1925 and 1985, the Wood Ox is selfless, outspoken, confident, and collected. They’re self-sufficient and can go their entire lives without asking for help from anyone. Sometimes, this stubbornness can get in the way of achieving their goals, so the Wood Ox needs to keep their emotions in check.


Lucky for the Wood Ox, they’ll enjoy wealth and financial gain throughout their lives. They’ll quickly move into leadership roles and find fulfillment in helping others excel in the same way. 


Even more so, the Fire Ox, born in 1937 and 1997, are natural-born leaders. People at work and in the community look up to them; they’re incredibly clever. Something the Fire Ox can work on (and some people may even point this out) is their lack of sympathy. Although they deeply care for those close to them, their ruthless sense of determination can often cloud their behavior toward others. 


The fierce and intelligent Earth Oxen are born in 1949 and 2009. Oxen born under the Earth element are highly ambitious and courageous, which is an attractive trait in the workplace but can sometimes make it difficult for them to keep healthy relationships. Often, they embody more traditional views than their peers and aren’t keen to sway in a new direction.


Born in 1961 and 2021, the Gold Ox yields respect and honor in their personal and professional lives. From an early age, they put a lot of effort into building good, strong relationships. The Gold Ox finds it easy to stay busy and active, and if anything, they can benefit from slowing down every once in a while. 


The Gold Ox demonstrates many traits that make them desirable as romantic partners. However, their curiosity can often get them into sticky situations, so they should be careful not to meddle in other people’s relationships. 


Water Oxen are born in 1913 and 1973 and are probably the most realistic of the Chinese zodiac Ox elements. They aren’t influenced by the opinions of society and have no trouble seeking justice where they feel it’s deserved. Making excellent leaders, the Water Ox will spend their lives striving for power and status. This boldness also shines through in relationships, which isn’t always favorable. They’re sometimes too persistent when pursuing romantic interests. 



Ox Compatibility



The Ox should look for someone who shares the same level of patience as them. It’s common for this sign to bottle up their emotions and expect others to guess how they’re feeling. Anyone who wants to know the Ox on a deeper level needs to be okay with taking things slow. 


Given this, the Ox is most compatible with the Rat, Snake, and Rooster. Each of these signs enhances the Ox’s high level of intellect and emotional capacity. When the Ox finds themselves in one of these pairings, things will feel natural. Together, they’ll achieve goals and embark on grand adventures.


Rat and Ox compatibility may seem impossible initially, as they are so different from one another. However, this is the sole reason the relationship can be so successful. The Ox and Rat complement each other so effortlessly that life flows naturally when they’re together. It’s like a breath of fresh air.


The Ox and the Snake often share the same hobbies, making it easy for them to bond over shared interests. For that reason, these two Chinese zodiacs never have a dull moment together. Similarly, the Ox and the Rooster have a relationship that thrives on their likeness. Both signs value loyalty, and the Rooster tends to give the Ox the stability they crave. 

Least compatible with the Ox are the Tiger, Horse, Sheep, and Dragon. 


The Horse and the Ox will constantly run into communication issues, as both are stubborn and will do anything to avoid a compromise. On their bad days, the Sheep can be inconsiderate and offensive, making the humble Ox extremely uncomfortable. 


When it comes to relationships, the Ox doesn’t mesh well with the Tiger either. The Tiger might take advantage of the Ox and manipulate them even unknowingly. At the same time, the Ox is hardly compatible with the Dragon, who is far too impulsive. The Ox needs a partner that will make them feel safe and secure, which neither the Tiger, Horse, Sheep, or Dragon can do.



Lucky and Unlucky Things For Ox



The Ox should look out for particular symbols that are said to bring them luck throughout their lifetime. For example, green, white, and yellow are all colors that represent good fortune. The numbers 1 and 4 (and any combination of those, including 14 and 41) are also signs of luck for the Ox. Their lucky directions are South and North, and their most auspicious accessory is a yellow stone pendant. 


In a similar capacity, the Ox has a few unlucky things that may bring them misfortune. The color blue, the South-West direction, and numbers 5 and 6 are all unlucky symbols for this sign.


In a more general sense, the Ox may feel unlucky as they find themselves working far too hard for too long. Their powerful work ethic is sometimes their greatest enemy, as they see it nearly impossible to find time to relax and enjoy the little things. However, the Ox also understands the importance of patience and knows that their hard work will pay off one day. If the Ox stays true to themselves and is doing honest work, they will eventually discover boundless wealth and success. 



Careers For Ox



People born under the Ox in the Chinese zodiac demonstrate high levels of organization and attention to detail. Not a fan of working in groups, their best work is done independently. This sign will gravitate toward any career they can see themselves in for the long run, as they depend on an established routine and a clear vision for long-term goals to be productive. 


Practical career paths that suit the Ox include teacher, designer, author, lawyer, doctor, social worker, and entrepreneur.




Ox Health And Lifestyle



Like a wild Ox freely grazing the grasslands, those born during the year of the Ox live long and healthy lifestyles. This sign is very robust and can go most of their lives without experiencing any major health issues. 


However, the Ox should be careful, as they can induce unwanted health problems due to work-induced stress. They’ll brush off meals and sleep shorter hours to keep up with their work. Too much neglect of a proper diet and ample rest can sometimes lead to intestinal and digestive issues. 


With that being said, illness is not at all an inevitable fate for the Ox. This sign can practice mindfulness to recognize when it’s time to put work aside and rest. Plus, there’s nothing as strong as an Ox after a stress detox! 


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