Year of The Horse

The horse is one of the most understated and overlooked characters of the Chinese Zodiac, but beneath their mysterious exterior they contain plenty of passion and zeal for the world around them, meaning they can lead fascinating lives and inspire those around them.



The horse is the seventh sign in the Chinese Zodiac, and much like the animal it symbolizes, those born in this year of the zodiac are energetic, lively, and goal-oriented. They often come across as physically and mentally agile. This sign is represented by yang energy (this is a strongly masculine, positive energy – much like the role of the Sun in the western Zodiac) as well as the element of fire. On the flip side, they can also be viewed as too headstrong and selfish. The next year of the horse will occur in 2026.




Horse Years


The Chinese zodiac operates on a twelve-year cycle, much like the twelve signs of the western zodiac. This means that the year of the horse occurs every twelve years, interposed with the other animals of the zodiac. The Chinese New Year occurs later in the year than the Gregorian western calendar, meaning the change of the zodiac animal usually occurs in February. The most recent years of the horse have been 1930, 1942, 1954, 1966, 1978, 1990, 2002, and 2014.



Horse Personality and Characteristics


Those born in the year of the horse are sociable creatures. They often have many friends and enjoy spending time with other people, providing they are also willing to put as much energy into the connection as the excitable, fun-loving animal representing them. They are fiery creatures with a generally positive outlook and a mood that is infectious to other people. At their best, they are inspiring and engaging to others, encouraging them to follow their dreams and goals to their furthest reaches. People love the horse for being a highly fervent and outgoing sign, as seen in their strong yang energy.

There are a few negative personality attributes for this sign. These naturally outgoing people can become impatient and angry with others when they don’t see eye to eye. Of course, self-awareness can go a long way in dispelling this trait but be careful – it can be easy for this sign to slip into judgment and negativity if they face obstacles with other people or careers. This negativity is grounded in fundamental independence, they want to feel free and to do things in a way that suits them. Learning to co-operate with other people and get along with those who are different is vital for this year.



Horse Element in the Chinese Zodiac


The element which represents the Chinese sign of the horse is fire. The elemental symbol of an animal represents much of their personality and demonstrates how they act quite effectively. Like the element of fire, they are energetic, bold, and insatiably driven. Their fiery nature means they tend to have a strong sense of self, a good understanding of others, and a lot of energy for socializing and making plans with the people around them. The element of fire makes them an unstoppable force of nature. This year in the Chinese zodiac is also characterized by the symbol of yang, which is the positive and masculine driving force (as opposed to yin, a feminine, negative element). This is an old, traditional Chinese symbol that effectively symbolizes this animal very well.


Depending on the year upon which the horse falls, a different element may impact the sign.


  • ‘Water horses’ were born in 1942 and 2002. They are supportive and emotive people who have an instinctively caring facet built into their sociable nature. They like to help other people and engage in friendly, healing conversations most of all.
  • ‘Wood horses’ were born in 1954 and 2014. They are sociable in a more diplomatic, dynamic sense, which makes them excellent at conflict resolution and proactive at helping others. They are also good leaders due to their inherent stability.
  • ‘Fire horses,’ born in 1966, are lively and dramatic creatures who live for a good time. They are inherently mercurial and more likely to be found as the life of the party than putting their communication skills to use in any practical or monotonous capacity.
  • ‘Earth horses’ were born in 1978. They are the most grounded and careful of their animal, probably display a reticence that others would find unexpected. They like to be sure of what they are doing. While making strong decisions, Earth horses make sure they are the right ones before they are carried out.
  • The ‘metal horse’ was born in 1930 or 1990. These individuals say what they mean and act in a way that is really straightforward, perhaps too much so. They need to make sure they do not allow other people’s complexity to override their calm.



Horse Compatibility


The horse in love is a typically charming and intriguing character. They tend to be considerate and outgoing, as well as good-looking and engaging. Despite this supposed success in style and manner, they are not always going to get along with other signs, especially under romantic circumstances.


This sign is best compatible with the signs of the tiger, sheep, and dog when it comes to love. These matches are grounded in a continuing acceptance of one another, the kind of love that grows with years instead of fading away. These harmonious pairs are most likely to get along in the long run, their relationships built on true love instead of lust.


There are many signs with mixed compatibility with the horse. Things can go in either direction in relationships between animals such as the dragon, snake, monkey, rooster, and pig. The signs of the dragon and monkey are compatible with horses because they are all driven animals who mutually respect one another and seek to build exciting futures. Snakes may make better friends with the horse than partners but remain dependable and long-term companions.


The worst astrological compatibility for the horse is with the rat, ox, rabbit, and other horses. Rats and oxen may fall short in relationships with their equine counterpart because they fundamentally misunderstand each other and have huge discrepancies in personality, meaning it is hard for them to find common ground or share in a happy future without friction. Because this animal has a strong personality itself, pairing them with another horse can also be detrimental and often fails to work in the long term. Ultimately, horses need partners who are either easy-going or share dreams and ideas that can be built up together. They enjoy feeling like they are the prime movers in their relationships.



Lucky and Unlucky Symbols for the Horse


There are many symbols considered lucky for the horse in Chinese astrology. Flowers, such as jasmine and marigold, are lucky for this sign, as well as the precious stone topaz, and the colors purple, red, and green. Their lucky numbers are 3, 4, and 9. These signs can be seen as a guide in life, if that suits you.


Those born in this year may want to be aware of several unlucky signs and symbols too. They also want to avoid the numbers 1, 5, and 6, as well as the colors white and gold.



Careers for Horse


Because of their strong emphasis on physical wellness and agility, they may be suited to careers in practical and creative pursuits where they are using their bodies or challenging themselves to be stronger. As well as physical careers, people born in the year of the horse may want to use exercise or sport as a hobby in order to socialize with others and expend their energy.


People under this sign also want to be challenged mentally. They don’t enjoy monotony or jobs that require them to always do the same thing, they might rather travel and explore options that help them to feel the freedom they need. If you were born in the year of the horse, looking internationally for work might suit you best, because it allows you to keep variety in what you do and keeps your mind active. Some say the best career for this voracious animal is in tourism or languages, but anything that keeps you occupied mentally and physically should be enough to entertain you in the long run.



Horse Health and Lifestyle


The horse lives life at a fast pace, which means they should be careful about overexerting themselves and need to make sure they know their limits. If they are not careful, they may run the risk of liver and kidney problems and should be careful of persistent coughs and colds. Horses are naturally very strong, healthy creatures, but it should be their priority to maintain this instead of running themselves into the ground with an unhealthy lifestyle.


Overall, those born in this year of the Chinese Zodiac can make truly excellent friends and companions through life, with amazing traits like loyalty, passion, and a magnetic drive for the world around them. If you are compatible with this sign, you are lucky, they will inspire and encourage, leading you on all sorts of adventures for your own good. The challenge for this sign is to overcome the need for control and foresight that ultimately cannot be found, but learning to understand and appreciate difference is something they can easily grow to do. 

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