Year Of The Goat

The Chinese Zodiac is comprised of a collection of 12 different animals, each ascribed to a certain year. Every animal represents the overall energy of a given year and those born within that year typically display common personality traits, life paths, and love habits. The Year of the Goat is the 8th placement in the cycle of the 12 Chinese Zodiac signs.



There is an ancient myth that describes how the order of the Chinese Zodiac was determined. It is said that the Jade Emperor invited all animals to his domain for a feast. The sequence of the Chinese Zodiac would be decided based on the order in which the animals arrived. Deer and Goat were traveling together and came across a river. Realizing there were no boats or rafts for them to use to get to the other side, Deer gave up and turned back. Goat pressed onward and braved the river by himself. Goat arrived at the party as the 8th guest, hence Goat being 8th in the cycle of 12 Chinese Zodiac signs.



Goat Years


Chinese Astrology follows the lunar calendar, which uses the cycles of the moon to determine the passage of time. Each lunar year contains 12-13 lunar months and the animals of the Zodiac complete their cycle every 12 years. Because of this, if you were born in the earlier part of the year (like January or February), be sure to check the date of the Chinese New Year to ensure you are looking at the right placement.


The Goat years of the Chinese Zodiac are: 1931, 1943, 1955, 1967, 1979, 1991, 2003, 2015, 2027, and so on. 


If you were born during one of these Goat Zodiac years, you are considered a Goat!



Goat Personality and Characteristics


Goat personality characteristics are shared by all born under this placement. All people born in the year of the Goat tend to be warm, mellow, gentle, shy, empathetic, peaceful, compassionate, and protective. They are also known to be resilient in the face of conflict and adept at helping those that seem in need.


They are perseverant and willing to go to any lengths to see that their endeavors succeed. Their determination, however, will never come at the expense of another person. Goats are careful to consider the impact that their actions have on others.


They can be highly opinionated and love to share their passionate thoughts in safe spaces where they know others will agree with them. They do not like being the center of attention and will almost always opt to spend time alone (versus in a group).


Goats should be careful not to invest too much into their appearance. They are known to go the extra length and spend unnecessary money on luxurious items to create the image that they are wealthy. Despite this, they are not pompous and have a deep, basic respect for others grounded in love and compassion.




Goat Element Chinese Zodiac (Wood, Fire, Earth, Gold, and Water) 



There are five planets used to determine the energy of a year in Chinese Astrology. All planets represent one of the five elements. Jupiter represents Wood, Mercury is Water, Venus is Gold, Mars is Fire, and finally, Earth is Earth. Each element comes with its unique set of quirks that influence those born under that year. And just as the animals cycle every 12 years, the elements complete their rotation after 5 years.


Wood Goats are those born in 1955 and 2015. They are known for their compassionate demeanors and have a strong proclivity for patience and humility.


Water Goats were born in 1943 and again in 2003. These signs are selfless and always willing to drop what they are doing to help others. They sacrifice their own desires for the benefit of the whole and make excellent team players.


Gold Goats are from the years 1931 and 1991. They are determined, ambitious, and stubborn. They hold what they believe firmly and have a strong sense of obligation. They usually do well in their careers.


Fire Goats correspond to 1907 and 1967. They are honest and generally easy to get along with. They value cleanliness and are known to keep their spaces tidy and neat.


Earth Goats are from 1919 and 1979. These signs are straightforward and frank. They are supporters of causes they feel strongly about and are passionate about social justice. They will always stick up for their friends and will protect those who need it.



Goat Compatibility


Because each Chinese Zodiac comes with its own set of characteristics, Chinese Astrology can help predict romantic compatibility with the other signs.


In the case of Goats, they are known to be best with Pigs, Horses, and Rabbits.


Goat and Pig compatibility is strong and harmonious. Pigs are generous and patient and their energy matches that of the Goat’s compassionate nature. These two will feed off of one another’s imaginations and inspire curiosity and creativity in the relationship. This pairing will experience many beautiful moments together and are supportive like no other.


Goats and Horses are a great example of opposites attracting to create a peaceful balance in the relationship. While Goats are sensitive and gentle, Horses are full of vitality and yearn for freedom. Both will encourage the other out of their comfort zones for an exciting and wistful companionship.


Rabbit and Goat compatibility is based on a lifelong bond. These two are ready to settle down and build a nest with one another. Their loyalty to each other is unparalleled and they each offer a great deal of affection and passion in the relationship.


While Pigs, Horses, and Rabbits work well with the Goat Zodiac, Oxen, Dragons, and Dogs do not.


Goat and Ox compatibility is troublesome, as both signs are known to be stubborn. Arguments do not pass easily with these two and both can benefit from the objective help of a 3rd party in matters of conflict.


Dragons with Goats will often experience severe ups and downs. The fiery sometimes overwhelming nature of the Dragon tends to dominate the Goat, leaving them in throws of their partner’s passion. This can be a very toxic partnership.


Dog and Goat compatibility is difficult as neither sign knows when to call it quits. Even if the companionship is no longer a fit, these two will remain together because of their overpowering feelings of loyalty.




Lucky and Unlucky Things for Goat


If you are a Goat, consider incorporating the following into your life to increase your luck and fortune:


  • The colors brown, red, white, and purple.
  • Carnations and primrose flowers.
  • The months of April, August, and November.
  • The numbers 2 and 7.


If you are a Goat experiencing misfortune or having a bout of bad luck, try steering clear of these things:


  • The colors blue and black. 
  • Daisies, lilies, and marigolds. 
  • Making decisions during the months of March, July, and October. 
  • The numbers 4 and 9. 



Careers for Goat


Goats are natural team players and work exceedingly well with others. They aren’t driven by power rather by group synchronicity and love to contribute to the success of their squad. Because they are advocates to those in need, they are passionate in the fields of social work and teaching. They love to contribute to a sense of the greater good and should follow professions that they believe in.


Because they are creative and curious, they might also consider pursuing a career in the arts. In particular, professions that serve artists such as assistants, curators, or agents will prove fulfilling for Goats.


This sign should stay away from any career path that involves being the center of attention. For this reason, Goats might struggle in performing, politics, and any law-based professions.



Goat Health and Lifestyle


Because their stress levels rarely reach catastrophic levels, Goats’ even-keeled nature keeps their health in tip-top shape.


They value their sleep and should work to maintain a regular schedule so they can feel rested. It is also important for them to get outside and experience the natural world around them. Goats should ground through routine hikes and walks in nature.


Some Goats have a tendency to eat whatever is put in front of them. This can lead to greater health issues down the line if their eating habits are not managed. They should consider adopting a mindful eating routine instead of blindly consuming everything in sight.



In Conclusion


Goats are a peaceful and harmonious sign. If you are lucky enough to know a Goat, you understand the value their innate sense of calm brings to others. In the case that you happen to be a Goat, relish in your gift of gentility and celebrate what you have to offer the world. You bring a tenderness to all relationships in your life and care deeply for those in need. Though they are quiet, the unique gifts of the Goat should not be overlooked!

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