Year of the Dragon

Learn about the highly revered Chinese Dragon zodiac in this short read!




During this energetically powerful time in the world, knowing more about your zodiac in different astrology cultures will help you understand yourself better. Take a moment to read how your Dragon zodiac can find love, attract success, and the direction the winds lead you for future prosperity.


Dragon Years


All zodiac signs in Chinese astrology align with the Chinese calendar, based on the lunar cycles. The pattern follows a continuous twelve-year cycle, with one sign occurring each year. Starting with 1928, the Chinese years of the Dragon continue to 1940, 1952, 1964, 1976, 1988, and 2000. The most recent Dragon year was 2012, and the next batch of lucky newborns to possess the mighty spirit will be born in 2024.



Dragon Personality and Characteristics


Dragons are one of the most respected creatures in Chinese culture. They are a symbol of success, power, and luck. Their most prominent personality traits are assertiveness, competentness, and courage. Dragons prioritize themselves. They’re natural-born go-getters with big dreams and an even bigger ambition. Once they say they’ll do something, you can bet they will. Dragons possess a strong internal drive and refuse to back down from a good challenge. They may bug others with their lack of patience and stubbornness. 


While they usually remain optimistic in most situations, they must take care not to become short-tempered or irritable. The Dragon's sharp tongue can often get them into trouble if they don’t consider others’ feelings. They often don’t respond well to criticism. They should keep the adage in mind: if you dish it out, take it.



Dragon and the Elements of the Chinese Zodiac (Wood, Fire, Earth, Gold, and Water)


Five unique elements correspond to each sign in Chinese element theory: wood, fire, earth, gold, and water. Since there are five signs, each element and sign comes about together once every 60 years. Each element possesses a different quality that specifies the dragon’s powerful nature. According to the theory, one’s personality and characteristics are dictated by animal birth year and zodiac in combination.


Wood Dragons, born in 1964 and 2024, are less sociable and more quietly driven. These people are often so focused on their careers that they often have fewer relationships in their life. With a hard wooden exterior and a focused mindset, they are capable of anything. Wood Dragons can expect an abundance of wealth to bless their blooming businesses or entrepreneurship. 


Sociable and intelligent Fire Dragons are born in 1976 and will come about again in 2036. These people are destined for success. They enjoy the providence of wealth. Fire dragons can be quite unpredictable and flammable but are generally easygoing. This is a combination that attracts fun-loving people towards them.


Water dragons, born in 1952 and 2012, are quite energetic and like to look on the bright side of the situation. They have a vast amount of knowledge and, with the passion of the relentless sea, keep going at their goals until they achieve success. They’re farsighted in their plans and make excellent calculated moves; understandably, some of the greatest chess players belong to this zodiac. That being said, these go-with-the-flow spirits are more willing to go with what others say. Like the meek river, they hide their personality until they feel comfortable.


Earth dragons, hardworking and smart individuals, are born in 1928 and 1988. They love being admired and believe they deserve recognition for their accomplishments. Earth dragons are meant to be on a stage. They’re entertainers at heart, which comes across in all their activities, from their performative careers to the theatrical dramatics in daily conversation.


With high hopes, like a shooting star across the night, Gold Dragons, circa 1940 and 2000, aim for peace. They are also hopeful about their bright future. These people are straightforward. They’re blunt and to the point yet may face indecisiveness because of all the shining opportunities they see in front of them. They have several goals they would like to achieve and may struggle knowing what route to take.



Dragon Compatibility


With 12 different animals in the Chinese zodiac, there are several ranging personalities and traits. Some signs complement each other well, but there are others who, at best, would be avoided after the very first date. Animals with similar characteristics in the Chinese zodiac are often said to go well together. The best zodiac matches with the Dragon are the Monkey, Rooster, and Rat. Signs to stay away from are the Ox, Sheep, or the Dog.


Out of all the zodiacs, the Dragon and Monkey's compatibility is the highest. These two make an exciting pair. Both signs love exploration and keep high and positive spirits. They will be able to live the life of their dreams together in a fast-paced, passionate relationship.


Dragons and Roosters are also a harmonious match due to their similar personality. Roosters harbor a courageous spirit, too. Both can fuel and push each other in a playful manner to take risks and live fully. Roosters also complement Dragons' aim to succeed with their hard-working and organizational skills. These two can help boost the career life for Dragons. 


Dragons also are compatible with Rats, who are funny and friendly. Rats are usually sneaky, which aids the Dragons’ willpower to achieve phenomenal results. The two exchange wonderful energy by not taking life too seriously. It also helps that Rats don't mind stepping back in the shadows to allow their flamboyant partner to stand in the spotlight.


According to Chinese astrology, Dragon and Sheep compatibility is poor. The former believe Sheep to be weak and passive pushovers. And Sheep are the polar opposite to the Dragon’s fiery and go-getter nature. The biggest problem is that Sheep require attention and romance that their partners don't care to consistently show.


The Ox does not get along with the Dragon. Both are strong-willed and stubborn. This relationship will create a power struggle for dominance and end with two unhappy people. They will both feel on edge, and the Ox will judge the Dragon’s show for power. 


Dogs are especially a nuisance to Dragons. They may feel unable to express themselves authentically in this relationship. Dragons appreciate freedom and wonder but feel smothered by Dogs' impulse to keep a close leash on their loved ones.


In Chinese astrology, the Dragon and the Rabbit are an unfit match. They are part of the Six Harming Groups of the Chinese Zodiac. Any two signs within these groups are quite opposite — the Rabbit would take the initiative while the Dragon would be unwilling to get close to their partner. They will try to get each other to change their habits and therefore split up. Most Rabbits crave stability, while Dragons like the passion of unpredictability. 


The love compatibility for two Dragons is very low. Putting fire and fire together can only lead to an explosion—dragons butt heads due to their intense ferocity and need for authority. Two fiery creatures would argue and become quickly irritated. They likely wouldn’t be friends, let alone lovers. 



Lucky and Unlucky Things for Dragons


According to Chinese culture, there are different directions to pursue certain aspects in their lives. Southwest is a lucky direction that will lead them to success. Northwest and north will guide them to wealth. If love is what they're looking for, it can be found in the west.


Dragons can invite more luck into their lives by decorating their lives with their lucky colors: gold, gray, and silver. They especially favor the numbers 1, 6, and 7. Dragon flowers will surely bring them luck, and the bleeding-heart vine (see the image above) is one of the luckiest plants for them as well.


Dragons should avoid white, blue, and green. The numbers 4 and 9 also do not serve them well. The direction northwest is unlucky for them.



Careers for Dragon


Dragons are great at expressing themselves. They have a burning passion for putting their ideas out. They also love to explore the world, embrace challenges and take risks. At the same time, Dragons are adept in leadership and should take up the opportunity to direct a group of people for a living. They thrive where their mind can think quickly, especially within arts, politics, and education fields.


The best careers for dragon women are writers, journalists, lawyers, and teachers, where they can hone upon their smart, chatty, and quick-thinking abilities. Dragon males should look into occupations like financial advisors, politicians, engineers, architects, or priests to assert their masculinity and orderliness.



Dragon Health and Lifestyle


Dragons usually look healthy and rarely get sick. When they do, however, it may go unnoticed for a while due to their hardworking nature. It is essential to find a balance between work and play, as a Dragon’s natural inclination is to push themselves to achieve, no matter the weather. Most people of this sign work in high-stress careers with long hours. They may prioritize their success before their mental and physical health.


Dragons in their youth should maintain their skincare. In later years, they should focus on the upkeep of their internal organs like the liver, stomach, and intestines.


They should take care not to overanalyze small details. Dragons need to find a way to release their stress and eliminate fatigue, like yoga, exercising, or taking walks in nature. These methods will help them maintain positive mental health as well as preserve their physical bodies.


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