Year Of The Dog

In the Chinese Zodiac, the year that you are born corresponds to the symbol of an animal. Chinese Astrology ascribes personality traits, life paths, love forecasts, etc. to these animals, which then can be interpreted in the context of your life. The Year of the Dog is 11th animal in a cycle of 12 Chinese Zodiac signs.



Chinese Zodiac signs reflect the perceived energy of any given year. There are five central planets associated with Chinese Astrology: Venus, Jupiter, Mercury, Mars, and Earth. Each planet is assigned to a particular element: Gold, Wood, Water, Fire, and Earth, respectively. Like the animals of the Zodiac, the elements cycle on a 5-year basis. Once the element and animal for any given year have been determined, you have a Chinese Zodiac! If you are here, it is likely because you have discovered that you were born in the Year of the Dog or have someone in your life you love who is a Dog. Read on to see what this means.



Dog Years


Chinese Astrology is based on the lunar calendar, which contains 12-13 lunar months a year. Recent Chinese Zodiac Dog years are as follows: 1922, 1934, 1946, 1958, 1970, 1982, 1994, 2006, 2018, 2030, and so on. If you were born in any of these years, you are a Dog! It is important to note that if you were born between January and February, you should verify the date of the lunar Chinese New Year to make sure you have the correct animal sign.



Dog Personality and Characteristics 


Those born in the years mentioned above all carry the personality traits of the Dog zodiac. Dogs are loyal, honest, and have an innate sense of what is right and what is wrong. They like to support the underdog and are unselfish. However, their loyalty can lead to blindness, as they are willing to do anything for the people they love. Friendship is the key with this Chinese Zodiac sign, as fulfillment comes from being with others they love. Dogs often take refuge in nature, and relish in the opportunity to boost their fitness and break a sweat. 


Dogs also have a tendency to come off as pessimistic. At times, their anxiety can cause them to ruminate on things that may go wrong. They also have difficulties with communication and shy away from confrontation. Dogs are stubborn in their convictions but can make great leaders because of it.



Dog Elements in the Chinese Zodiac (Wood, Fire, Earth, Gold, and Water)


As mentioned earlier, each year in the Chinese lunar cycle is paired with an element. Each element comes with a unique set of traits, making each Year of the Dog slightly different than the one before and after it. There are 5 Chinese Zodiac elements: Wood, Fire, Earth, Gold, and Water.


Wood Dogs are even-keeled, kind, and amicable. They are solid friends, possess an eloquence that makes them fit to be leaders. They are wise and understand their own strengths and shortcomings.


Fire Dogs are generous, unselfish, and faithful. They can be shy and introverted, but they make meaningful connections throughout their lives. They are warm-hearted and compassionate.


Earth Dogs are patient, open-minded, and empathetic. They have a strong work ethic and a natural curiosity that makes them good at anything they set their minds to. They are highly responsible but unafraid to challenge authority if their principles are called into question.


Gold Dogs are goal-oriented, disciplined, and always willing to help those in need. They have high self-esteem and rely on themselves to get to where they want to be. They also persevere through hardship with grace.


Water Dogs have a strong will and sense of duty. They are highly disciplined and willing to go any lengths to meet their goals. They are also compassionate and seek out ways to help those less fortunate than them.



Dog Compatibility 


In matters of love, Dog compatibility extends mostly to Tigers, Rabbits, Rats, Monkeys, and Pigs.


When Dogs are in a partnership with a Tiger, they share in their idealism and have a harmonious relationship. They are so in-tune with one another and celebrate life’s success and lament over tragedies with one another. This pairing makes a great fit for marriage or long-term commitment, as both signs are loyal and compassionate.


When paired with Rabbits, their shared zest and enthusiasm for life will lead them to a beautiful companionship. These two make great committed partners, as they both value honesty, transparency, and loyalty. Rabbit and Dog compatibility is love at its finest and you would be hard-pressed to find a pairing that didn’t work out!


With Rats, Dogs meet their energetic match. This couple will be high-energy and share many hobbies and interests. It will never get boring between these two; they make an excellent pair as they will always keep things exciting.


Monkeys and Dogs are another harmonious pairing. They will share in any difficulty and are determined to overcome hardships together. Their connection is strong and built on a foundation of deep trust.


Pigs also have the potential to be an ideal partner for any Dog. Loyalty will remain at the center of this relationship, as these two are fully committed to one another for life. They are both mature enough to work through their issues with a fair and level-headed attitude.


While there are several zodiac animals that are fit for Dogs, it is strongly advised that Dogs steer clear of Dragons and Sheep for any romantic partnerships. When together, Dragons and Dogs bring out one another’s highly critical nature. This relationship will likely be wrecked because these two will struggle not to criticize each other’s behavior. Dog and sheep compatibility is just as tumultuous; they will fail to understand one another’s true selves. There is a fundamental incompatibility in this pairing, and it is doomed to be unsuccessful from the start!



Lucky and Unlucky Things for Dogs 


Chinese Astrology can appear very superstitious, however, things that are both considered lucky and unlucky for Dogs reflects the energetic tone of that lunar year in Chinese culture. If you are a Dog, you may want to invite more luck into your life by seeking out the following:


  • The numbers 3, 4, & 9.
  • Jewelry containing emeralds.
  • The green crystal aventurine.
  • The months of February, July, and October.
  • The colors green, gold, purple, and red.


On the other hand, if you find that you are having a rough go with your luck, try eliminating the following unlucky things from your life:


  • The numbers 1, 5, 7, & 8.
  • Bronze metal.
  • Onyx and tourmaline crystals.
  • The months of January, March, and November.
  • The colors blue and brown.



Careers for Dogs


Dogs are naturally obedient and highly loyal. They are determined to meet goals, increase bottom lines, and be a standout employee. These traits translate beautifully into the professional world. They are predisposed for highly competitive careers such as lawyers, politicians, and performers.


Their charisma will get them far in the eyes of others, making them suitable leaders in the workplace. A Dog’s humility also allows them to be content in supporting roles, always investing in a team’s wellness over their own.


This Chinese Zodiac sign is selfless and giving and must be warned against giving too much in the workplace. Your lesson in this sign is to set and maintain boundaries; work isn’t everything!



Dog Health and Lifestyle 


Fitness is incredibly important to a Dog’s overall wellbeing; they are high-energy people! Establishing these habits early on will prove essential as you age and become heavily involved in work and relationships. As you tend to put everyone else before yourself, maintaining a regular fitness routine will do wonders for your mental and physical health.


Dogs also need to watch what they eat. Restrictive diets are not in their nature but may become necessary later in life if eating habits are left unchecked. Their eyes tend to be larger than their stomachs, so they tend to overeat regularly.


Considered humble signs, Dogs will not usually opt to live a lavish lifestyle. Instead, they will focus on giving what they can to those in need and maintaining only what they need to survive. Some are minimalists, others just live simply.


In all, Dogs will need to remember to practice self-care. As they are naturally so giving, they may forget to give to themselves. Yoga, mindfulness meditation, and regular journaling can help anyone of this sign give themselves the love and care they deserve.



In Conclusion


If you or someone you love is a Dog, you have much to celebrate. This Chinese Zodiac sign makes for upstanding individuals and some of the best friends you could ever hope to make. Their deep sense of loyalty and hard work ethic makes them devoted partners and employees. Follow the guidance listed here to step into your best self and embrace your innate Dog-like traits!


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