The Most Unusual Zodiac Couples

Is your romance in the stars? We all seem to be searching for someone who fits us perfectly on paper, but sometimes our best match is totally unexpected.  Read on to discover your surprising soulmate!


Do you keep finding yourself unlucky in love, even when your dates seem to be your perfect astrological matches? Often, we look in entirely the wrong places for love. After all, the astrological art of synastry, which is essentially zodiac matchmaking, is not a one size fits all approach. We all fit differently into our astrological archetypes and should consider dating as such – everyone has something new and intriguing to bring to the table. Below are some of the most unusual zodiac pairings which might just find luck.



Pisces and Sagittarius


On the surface, these signs couldn’t appear more different: the gentle water-loving Pisces and the bold, power-hungry Sagittarius. Yes, there are many differences here that make this kind of romance seem unlikely from the start. Don’t be disheartened, though! A Pisces/Sagittarius pairing can be full of unexpected delight.


There is an inexplicable attraction about this pair: the pulpy, kind-hearted Pisces is drawn to big personalities. They like to be entertained, to have their worldview shaped by something that feels solid. Perhaps, they even like someone with the kind of ego that others would be repulsed by. On the other hand, a Sagittarius likes nothing more than a mystery, and the quiet Fish is no exception. Put this together, and you can often find a thrilling romantic adventure unfolding, where these two signs gracefully navigate the complexities of one another.


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Taurus and Libra


What most people don’t expect about Taurus and Libra are their hidden depths. While Tauruses appear as very grounded and stable individuals, a streak of chaos often runs beneath the surface, like the proverbial bull in a china shop. Libras are known for constantly trying to find a semblance of balance in their busy lives whilst cleverly disguising their wisdom under seeming confusion. This pairing is a clear case of opposites attract.



When a Taurus meets a Libra, or vice versa, their first impression may be that of annoyance or misunderstanding. Both signs often end up treating each other with facetiousness. What they don’t realize is how truly similar they really are and how they both hide their commonalities. Think Pride and Prejudice: these two will hate each other until they don’t. Soon they’ll realize how much they share, from worldviews to aesthetic tastes, all the way to hopes and dreams. They are also both ruled by Venus. Sometimes it’s worth peering below the surface to uncover what lies beneath.


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Gemini and Aries


Despite their differences, it’s improbable you’ll find two signs as free-willed and headstrong as Gemini and Aries. On their own, they can be hard to get along with, either scarily talkative or highly antisocial. With very volatile moods, these are some of the trickiest signs to understand. Both Gemini and Aries can act on polarities, which might make them seem very incompatible. Everything about them suggests they shouldn’t work, but together they become a powerhouse.


Gemini and Aries may struggle to see eye to eye at first. But once they establish some common ground, expect them to be inseparable. It might feel like they’ve found a true partner in crime. Next thing you know, they’ll be road-tripping together, hosting extravagant parties, sharing all their outlandish plans, and hatching new ones together. The beauty of this pairing is that, both being very intense, they can bolster each other. When they thrive, nothing is as supportive as a Gemini and Aries partnership.



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Leo and Capricorn


The characters of Leo and Capricorn are, at least to the naked eye, very different. Look a little deeper, however, and you’ll see how they can fit together. The typical Leo is a born entertainer, charismatic and theatrical. They always want to have the last word, even if they won’t admit it. Beneath the sweet Leo demeanor is a hunger akin to their symbol, the lion. Capricorns are measured people, more introverted and selective about their social interactions, but where Leo’s have a hunger, Capricorns find a thirst for greatness. It might be buried deep within them, and some might find it Machiavellian, but it’s simple: Capricorns just want to succeed.


What makes this pairing so good? Both Leos and Capricorns strive for something more with a biting panache. There’s something animalistic about both that’s enthralling to watch. They complement each other personally, too: Capricorns just want to give while Leos love receiving. In love, this unusual pairing drives one another to be the best, and above all, to find happiness. Others may not understand what binds this unlikely pair, but isn’t that the best kind of love?





Cancer and Aquarius


The polarities between Cancers and Aquarians run deep. Cancers are notorious for being overly emotional (but since when was being emotionally present a bad thing?) and particularly probing with others when it comes to matters of the heart. On the flip side, Aquarians have a big tendency to avoid sincere questions, unflappably brushing off anything they perceive as too serious or deep.


What bonds these two is that they are both immensely down to earth. The ways they see the world might differ wildly, but they both love nothing more than settling down and appreciating the ordinary. In fact, nobody sees beauty in the everyday quite like Cancer and Aquarius. Together they can find some of that much sought-after contentment.



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Scorpio and Virgo


Scorpio and Virgo are two of the most elusive and mysterious signs. You can’t predict a Scorpio’s next move — they are chaotic, heady, and above all, party animals. They simply love a good time, and who can fault that? Alternatively, Virgos are much more closed-off, prioritizing intellectual stimulation and grounding, but that often brings out in them an almost seductive intelligence. The curiosity we feel for a Virgo tends to cut deep.


So how can this couple possibly work? Where Scorpios are untethered, Virgos remain down to earth. The Virgo can help mature and bring sense to the Scorpio, where the Scorpio can help the Virgo cut loose. Balance is good for us all, and finding a partner who brings out a new side to you can be great for the sense of perspective you feel in day-to-day life. Scorpio and Virgo can spend all day doing different things and seeing different people; they likely work in different fields and have different hobbies. Despite this, at the end of the day, they’d rather be safe and comfortable with someone they really care about more than anything. Fundamentally, each wants to help the other when they need it most.


In conclusion, there’s no reason to think that your options are limited by the zodiac sign of a potential partner. Often the greatest relationships come out of the blue, and these unusual pairings show that we can’t always predict what we’ll feel until we experience a certain type of love. You might use the above to consider who you might want to date next, or it may simply open you to the idea of the endless possibilities astrology provides. The most beautiful thing about getting to know and dating new people is that there is an endless variety to the people you will find.

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