The 12 Houses of the Zodiac: How they Affect Your Sign

Everyone knows their Astrological Sun Sign. However, if you’ve ever wanted to dig deeper into your birth chart, learning about the house your Sun sign is in is a great place to start!


Finding the house your Sun sign is in can help you get to know yourself in a whole new light. Additionally, it can help you learn about reading your chart and how you can use your own astrological energies to your benefit. 


The Influence of the 12 Houses in the Zodiac on Your Sun Sign


To find the house your Sun sign is in, you must first pull up your personal chart. Click here to use our Natal Chart Calculator to do this. Once you have it pulled up, look for the circle with a dot in the middle (). In Astrology, this is the symbol for the Sun. It's necessary to have your correct birth time. The Sun changes house every two hours, and an incorrect birth time can throw the whole chart off. Once you've figured out the house, keep reading to learn more about what it means!



First house




The First House represents yourself as an individual. If your Sun is in this house, the way you present yourself to others is critical to you. With a naturally strong presence, your energy fills the room, and you're easily noticeable. People with their Sun in the First house know how to take charge of a situation and make great leaders. If your Sun is in this house, avoid obsessing over what other people think about you. You need to develop a strong sense of self-awareness and identity to move confidently throughout the world.



Second House




The Second House discusses the physical things you own and your money. If you're a Second house Sun, you're exceptionally proud of the things you have. You value security and have a strong desire for material possessions. This placement gives you an innate ability to build a solid foundation for yourself and the people you love. You're sensible with money, though you might experience moments of feast or famine. Try not to over-identify with your property or to be too possessive over the people close to you.



Third House




The Third House deals with communication, early education, and your siblings. With your Sun in the Third House, you're easily able to adapt to a multitude of situations and environments. You're mentally capable and have a hunger for learning and absorbing information. Additionally, your siblings might have played a profound role in shaping who you are as an adult. With your Sun in this house, it's essential to avoid being intellectually overbearing or having an attitude of being better than someone because of your knowledge. Instead, use your ability to learn and absorb information to inform others about all the wonderful things you know.



Fourth House




Your physical home, traditions, family, and your roots all fall under the Fourth House. Therefore, if your Sun is in this house, you identify deeply with these topics. When things get tough or draining, you retreat home to figure things out and recharge your batteries. You have a deep connection to your parents, and they had a considerable role in shaping who you are as a person, for better or worse. You may risk spending too much time at home because this is where you're the most comfortable. Don't forget to step outside of your comfort zone and experience the world around you. Home will always be there when you need it.



Fifth House




Creativity, pleasure, and children are all Fifth House topics. With your Sun in this house, you feel the best when you're creating. You identify with the things you make and put out into the world, e.g., through artistic means: painting, music, or writing. Fun-loving Fifth house Suns have a naturally happy attitude. You value and prioritize entertainment and generally having a good time. Children play an essential role in your life as well. However, try not to allow yourself to get distracted by constantly seeking pleasure. You have to be serious sometimes!



Sixth House




The Sixth House deals with work and your day-to-day tasks. If your Sun is in this house, it's vital for you to have a daily routine that you stick to. You love supporting others and enjoy being of service in any capacity. Taking on the roles of an employee or manager as opposed to being the boss might be more comfortable for you. You may over-identify with your work, so it's important to separate yourself from that occasionally. Also, remember to put yourself first, as you might forego the things that make you happy for the welfare of others.



Seventh House




Known as the House of Marriage, the Seventh house speaks to relationships, though these can be both romantic and platonic. Relationships take center stage for someone with their Sun in this house. Having a partner is essential to you, and you don't feel balanced without someone by your side. You usually have a solid group of friends, and your relationships become a reflection of yourself. Romantically, you may prefer an equal partnership where both people contribute and have room to shine. Rejection of any kind might hit you harder than most. Try not to take it too personally and move on to people who value you in their lives.



Eighth House




One of the more intense Houses, the Eighth deals with death and transformation. With your Sun in this house, you easily handle deep and emotional situations that would normally put other people off. Self-improvement and evolution are constant themes in your life, and you can identify with always trying to change yourself for the better. Often, people with their Sun in the Eighth will have a deep interest in the occult or metaphysical topics and a fascination with the taboo.



Ninth House




This is the house of philosophy, spirituality, higher learning, and long-distance travel. Ninth House Suns may have a deep interest in religions and understanding the world. Because of this fascination with different cultures, travel is extraordinarily important to them. If your Sun is in this house, avoid taking on a self-righteous attitude that pushes people away. Understand that everyone has different belief systems, and that's okay!



Tenth House




The Tenth House represents your career over your lifetime and how you present yourself to the world. Someone with their Sun in the Tenth House values accomplishments and working toward goals. If your Sun is in this house, you may prefer to be the boss as opposed to taking orders from others. You identify with your work, and you need to show others how far you've come. With this placement, try not to go overboard and be too bossy, demanding, or overbearing. The mark of a true leader is someone who guides their team effectively with kindness and respect.




Eleventh House




This is the house of your hopes, dreams, and your "tribe." Eleventh House Suns are the humanitarians and philanthropists who value making the world a better place. If your Sun is in this house, you prefer to do things that benefit society and uplift the collective instead of focusing on the individual. Your friendships are vital to you, and you may have a unique and eccentric personality. You identify with your ability to see the big picture and always have your finger on the pulse of cutting-edge technologies and discoveries. You're less emotional and may need to work on connecting with your empathetic side to keep those friendships healthy and thriving.



Twelfth House




All our dark secrets hide in the Twelfth House. People with their Sun in this placement are Introspective and enjoy being alone. If this is you, your empathy runs deep. As much as you like to be by yourself, you're highly intuitive, and you may desire to use this intuition to help others. Take care not to identify with being alone so much that you begin to feel isolated. Honor your need to be by yourself and have introspective moments before you go out into the world.


Gaining a deeper understanding of Astrology means venturing beyond simply looking at your Sun sign — to looking at your chart as a whole. Knowing the house your Sun sign falls in gives you a deeper understanding of who you are and what you need to find happiness. This is where the real magic of Astrology begins!



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