Secret Numerology

Numerology helps us in a variety of situations by sending hidden messages via certain numbers cropping up here and there. If we pay attention to these signs, we can use the power of numbers to our advantage. Time to find out your sign’s lucky numbers and the ways to use them.



Find your sign's lucky numbers!




March 21 – April 19


The number 13 stands out among other Aries lucky numbers. Generally considered unlucky, it is a real blessing for dynamic Rams who never fall under the influence of superstitions. Friday the 13ths are your days to shine, while 26 (that is 13+13) is the crucial age for Rams that marks important life events.

Aries natives can also count on 4. April, the fourth month of the year and also the birth month for many Aries people, is the time when they go through the most epic metamorphosis to become self-sufficient, initiative, and self-motivated. Associated with death in Asian cultures, 4 makes Rams achieve success at any cost.




April 20 – May 20


The number 15 is the number that enhances the inborn intuition of Taurus people. Whether it’s their birthday or two digits of their phone number, Taurus natives who fall under the influence of the number 15 manage to strike the balance between their physical guilty pleasures and spiritual aspirations.

51 is an extremely important number for Taurus people known for their money-saving and money-making gifts. Integrating 51 in their career life can make them more successful when it comes to climbing the career ladder. As far as their family life is concerned, 51 can make it more harmonious.




May 21 – June 20


Gemini people should keep an eye out for the number 4. Wrapped in the atmosphere of fear in many cultures, the number 4 crops up in situations related to major life events. If it shows up in a car registration plate, a street address, or a newspaper you are reading before an important event, everything should go well.

All good news and messages delivered to Gemini natives are linked to 19. At the most immediate level, the number combines the energies of 1, the energy of fresh starts, and of 9, the energy of completion. It usually crops up to indicate that they are ready to enter the next stage of their personal and professional growth.




June 21 – July 22


Cancer representatives should keep an eye out for the number 7. If they start noticing it here and there showing up on buildings, in newspapers, price tags, commercials, and whatnots, this can only mean that a sudden windfall is gaining momentum. 7-s are often linked to career and money-related situations.

39 is another lucky number for Cancer folks. Radiating the energy of 3, the energy of creativity, and the energy of 9, the energy of completion, it may start occurring to indicate that all future endeavors will be met with appreciation. Integrating 39 in their work will help Cancer people achieve their goals faster.




July 23 – August 22


In numerology, 1 symbolizes an achiever. This number has the greatest potential of all that usually comes along with aggressiveness when it comes to achieving goals. Integrating 1 in their life – how about carrying a lucky one-dollar bill? – is the key ingredient to success for ambitious Lions.

Building a strong and harmonious relationship is no less important to Leo representatives than achieving their career goals. 22 as a symbol of unity and togetherness comes to the rescue here. 22-s that pop up a lot here and there, indicate that proud Lions are going to meet their tamer soon.




August 23 – September 22


88 brings prosperity into the lives of Virgo people. Having two 8-s standing next to each other for a lucky number, Virgo folks can count on a doubled positive influence brought by 8. If you see two 8-s coming from addresses, phone numbers, banking accounts, you’re likely to end up with a sudden windfall.

61 is a blend of the energies of 1, associated with bold decisions and new beginnings, and 6, linked to family and home. This lucky number cropping up now and then sends Virgo people a clear message that it’s time to take over the leadership role in their family or relationship and make an important decision.




September 23 – October 22


6 possesses a harmonious and caring nature, so no wonder the number is considered lucky for Libra people. Known as a motherhood number, it helps them build a strong family and guides them as parents. Integrating 6 in their life (e.g. having 6 in their home address) helps maintain a healthy relationship.

24 and its mirror twin number 42 help Libra representatives find their purpose in life and, above all, make a life-changing decision. They often appear as omens of good fortune. On the other hand, when a Libra person just can’t pin down the right decision, all he/she needs to do is to give it 24 hours first.




October 23 – November 21


To align with the powerful energy of money comes naturally to Scorpio representatives. And, when it comes to making money fast, Scorpio people should pay attention to situations in which the number 9 appears unexpectedly. 9 is associated with raising new funds and a lucky break for Scorpio people.

18, 27, and 54 are numbers that Scorpions should keep in mind. 1 plus 8, 2 plus 7, and 5 plus 4 give us 9, the abovementioned lucky number. If these numbers start cropping up all of a sudden, this is a sign that Scorpions are going the right way and very soon they will find the answers to their questions.




November 22 – December 21


6 plays an important role in Archers’ lives. Striking a balance between family and work doesn’t come naturally to this Fire sign. 6 associated with family and home and containing two 3-s that send the vibes of creativity and self-development, help Sagittarius people maintain a healthy family relationship.

Can’t get financial or family problems out of your head? Then look around for the number 76 that is a perfect blend of the lucky energy radiated by the number 7 and the cool-minded 6. 76 always crops up unexpectedly to indicate that the solution you have been considering lately is the only right one.





December 22 – January 19


8 is the only number that can help Capricorn people break the spell of their pragmatic routine. As a symbol of infinity, the number 8 always appears unexpectedly (even if it’s just a digit in a registration plate of a car parked nearby) to remind you that every problem has multiple solutions.

10-s, Capricorn personal guiding stars to success, that pop up here and there deliver a hidden message that some goal Capricorn representatives keep devoting time to has been achieved, and very soon a pragmatic Goat will be presented with a new opportunity for love, career, or personal growth.




January 20 – February 18


The number 17 that symbolizes broken boundaries and independence in numerology brings strength, self-sufficiency, and wisdom for Aquarius representatives. It often keeps appearing when something new and fascinating that is about to change their world for good is knocking on the door.

Aquarius representatives like everything unconventional and extravagant so it’s only natural that the number 13 appears in the list of their lucky numbers. Seen as unfavorable days in different cultures, Friday the 13ths very often have a couple of exciting moments in store for bold Aquarius natives.




February 19 – March 20


3, often associated with the Rule of Three, is a lucky number for insightful Pisces representatives. Pisces people, and especially those of them who have this number in their birthdates, know that everything that comes in threes is perfect. Their luck and good fortune always arrive in threes, too.

However, the true lucky break comes to mystical and artistic Pisces representatives along with the number 7. This number has great potential that should never be neglected. If Pisces natives are going to have an important meeting, negotiations, or to propose, then 7 p.m. is their perfect time.


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