New Moon Tips

Here’s what you should and shouldn’t do during this New Moon



A New Moon is a lovely present the universe sends us every 28-30 days. It’s small, sometimes even invisible, but if we know how to use it, it may affect our lives and our future greatly. Read on to find out what to do and what NOT to do during a New Moon to align with its powerful energies!



What you SHOULD do


1. Set an intention


You probably already do this once in a while (we all do) but when the New Moon is sending her intention-setting vibes our way, you should be very specific with what exactly you want. Don’t just say: “I want a new job.” Say: “I want a new job that will be more satisfying than my current one.” Or: “I want to meet someone who will understand and value my opinions”, not just “I want a boyfriend.” 


Be specific, clear, and, most importantly, optimistic. This way you will inform the universe on what you really want and keep yourself focused.


2. Make your place comfier


The best way to do so is to light a candle. It will not only make your home cozier but also signify your desire to bring more light into your life. Think about it: lightning a candle on the darkest night of the month just feels like the right thing to do!


3. Start something new


The New Moon gives us the perfect opportunity to begin something new. Start a new class, or ask that new person out, or at least start watching a new TV show.


4. Go on a first date


This period is extremely positive for new beginnings, so why not start a new relationship? Or at least try. Meet someone for the first time – who knows, maybe they’re your destiny!


5. Make a to-do list


The best thing to set your intentions is to put them down. Magnify your plans by writing down all the tiny details. 


Make your intentions visible for the universe! If you want a new job, tell the universe what kind of job, where it should be, what kind of projects you want to work on, and so on. Create a detailed image in your mind.


6. Create a shrine


Well, okay, not exactly a shrine, but something like a sacred place in your home – a quiet place where you can feel at peace with yourself. Imagine yourself cleansing the energies of the place, visualize yourself making the place safer and energetically cleaner. Make this place cozy and suitable for meditation, self-reflection, and analyzing your life and yourself.


7. Create your rituals


No, they don’t need to be scary or similar to what you once saw in a horror movie. Your New Moon ritual should be centered around self-reflection and healing. Meditate, take a yoga class (there are lots of them on YouTube), start keeping a diary, make a crystal grid.


This kind of pauses will help you recharge your batteries, reflect on your life, and maybe understand yourself better. Use the energies of the New Moon as a reminder to make pauses sometimes.



What you SHOULDN’T do


1. Quit


The New Moon is about starting something, so quitting is probably not the wisest thing to do during this special period. Sometimes, you need to let go of your past, your old (and unhealthy) habits, your old friends who no longer understand you and only bring toxicity into your life… but doing so during a New Moon may be a waste of time.


2. Avoid new people


New Moons never fail to bring new people into our lives.

If you meet someone who is outside your usual type, give them a chance – maybe you will become friends or even romantic partners later. Be curious and as open as possible, learn about their thoughts and opinions. They may bring something new and unique into your life.


3. Decline invitations


A New Moon is the perfect time to get out of the house and meet new people. Say yes to any sudden invitations – you won’t be disappointed.


4. Let others kill your vibes


If you know someone who likes to complain all the time or just ruins the mood every time they show up, do your best not to spend too much time with them. Don’t allow anyone to drain your energy but don’t cut them off completely: just distance yourself from them a little.

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