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What Crystals To Use To Attract Money and Abundance


Money can’t buy you happiness but it sure can buy you a couple of other things: a car or a nice house, for example. So why not try to use astrology to make a profit? Check out this short and simple guide on crystals that can be used to attract money and abundance!



Green Aventurine 


This beautiful stone is famous for its money- and opportunity-attracting properties. It’s known as the gambler stone because it makes you lucky when it comes to financial gains. You can use this stone to bring you wealth by keeping it near a dish or a jar where you toss your loose change. This way, you will help that jar become full quicker. Give the stone some time to make its vibes and influence grow stronger and you’ll find yourself seeing lots and lots of new ways of bringing more money home! You can also put it where you keep your important papers or carry it in your purse during business meetings – it won’t hurt to have its positive vibes on your side!





This golden gem is known as the merchant’s stone because it tends to bring wealth to those who work in sales. If you own a shop, try keeping this beautiful crystal in your cash register – it may help you draw money and keep it there! Carrying this gem to important business meetings can be useful as well: its positive energy can help you convince people and win them over. This beautiful gem also resonates with the Solar Plexus Chakra, the special area where spiritual transformations happen. Use the stone to attract wealth and strengthen your chakra!



Iron Pyrite


This stone is known as fool’s gold but don’t be scared off by this nickname – the gem bears a positive meaning and has strong positive vibes. It is in fact one of the most powerful money-attracting gems because it helps the bearer not to be fooled by disingenuous people. It protects you from all sorts of scams.





Just like Citrine, this gem is known for its ability to attract luck. In ancient China, it was considered to be one of the most powerful and valuable stones for its magical properties and beautiful color. You can use it by keeping it near your loose change dish or jar but leaving it near your financial papers may also work. This gem is associated with your Heart chakra and can help you keep your ambitions in harmony with compassion.





This is a powerful stone – one of the strongest in the list. It can not only be used for attracting wealth but also for achieving almost any other goal in life. Get a clear quartz and allow it to give you a positive energy boost. Place the stone on top of a banknote and keep it in a place where the sun’s light can reach the stone and fill it with positive energy. Keeping it with your important papers or on your table at your office will also help.





This stone is not usually used for money-attracting purposes but it can be of great help when you need to get rid of what stands in the way of abundance. The gem is associated with cleansing and finding the truth. As a Throat chakra stone, sodalite can make communication easier. Carry it in your purse to important business meetings, see the truth, and be able to voice your opinion. This stone can help you both in your professional and personal relationships.





As you can guess from its name, this gem is full of positive energy of the sunlight. It influences your attitudes and feelings which plays a major role in the financial part of your life. Wear it as a pendant if you want to inject positive energy into your wealth. The gem is associated with the Sacral chakra – a very powerful energy point of your body – and helps you clear your mind and get rid of fears, including the fear of poverty and inferiority. Keeping these harmful thoughts at bay will assist you in your efforts towards abundance.



Tiger’s Eye


This gem comes in various colors and even though they all can help you attract money, the golden one is the most powerful of them all. It boosts your luck and assures that you can overcome every obstacle you face. The stone sets the foundation of self-reliance and helps you realize that you don’t need to lean on someone else to succeed. Keep it in your pocket or use it to meditate – and soon you’ll feel the difference!



In these difficult times, attracting some money won’t hurt, so choose the stone that you feel suits you and get that luck and confidence boost!

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