Lucky Cards in Tarot Readings

If you love getting Tarot readings, you’ll know that certain cards bring beautiful messages of good things to come! Keep reading to learn about some of the luckiest cards you can get in a Tarot reading depending on its topic: general, love, money, health, or spirituality.

The Tarot consists of 72 cards, all with varying energies and messages. But there are some cards that you can't help but feel excited to see when they reveal themselves in a spread.

What is the Luckiest Tarot Card in Each Kind of Spread?
Looking at some of the most common topics brought up in Tarot readings, you'll find that some cards are indications of all-around luck and good energy.

General Tarot Readings — The Sun


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Often, we need a general Tarot reading to gauge where we're at energetically. A lucky card to get in one of these readings is the Sun. This card simply radiates blessings, warmth, and overall good vibes. The Sun features a child sitting on a horse beaming with joy, a beautiful representation of the energy you carry with you. This card may appear when you find that people enjoy being around you because of your magnetism.

No matter the situation, The Sun serves as a reminder that everything will be okay. When you see this card in a reading, it's asking you to look on the bright side and cultivate an awareness of your inner power. Once you allow yourself to shine, you'll be able to light the way forward for yourself and those around you. If you've been experiencing emotional heaviness, The Sun shows up to let you know that the fog will clear, and you'll regain a sense of energy and vitality. 

Love Tarot Readings — The Lovers

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It should be no surprise that one of the best cards you can get in a reading about love is The Lovers! This card represents coming to a place of balance and harmony between two individuals. When this card appears, it speaks to a soul connection that's in alignment with what you need at this moment. You're ready to share your time and energy with someone special who's open and willing to do the same.


The Lovers doesn't just represent a pairing up with someone else. Depending on the other cards in the spread, it can tell you that you're confident and strong enough to be vulnerable and open with your partner. Explore the hidden pitfalls of your partnerships to be sure you’re surrounded by the right people. You've gotten clear about your values, and you're attracting people who align with them. Additionally, this card speaks to a willingness for commitment and an eagerness to grow individually and as a couple. The Lovers gives you the green light to move forward into the romantic bliss your heart desires.

Money Tarot Readings — 10 of Pentacles

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The luckiest card you can get in a reading about money is the 10 of pentacles. The number 10 in the Tarot represents a completion of a cycle. You've done all the hard work in not only your business or career but also on healing yourself so that you're able to receive more. Sometimes it's so easy to get caught up in constantly working that you forget to take a moment to appreciate the life you've created. Seeing this card in a reading means that it's time to enjoy all you've worked for. Doing so not only lifts your mood but signals a sense of gratitude for being in co-creation with the Universe.


Another beautiful thing about this card is that it speaks to the fact that you're able to share your abundance with those around you. You're in such a good place that you can offer to uplift and support others when they need it the most. If you feel like you're not there yet, this card shows up to let you know that you're nearing the finish line. If you keep pushing, you'll find that you're finally able to create the life of your dreams.

Health Tarot Readings — Temperance


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Good health is an indication that the body has achieved a state of balance. The Temperance card tells you that if you care for yourself, you'll be on your way to a state of physical harmony. It reminds you to approach your health with a mindset based on moderation. While indulgences are fun, you know how to make choices that are kind to your body so that you can feel strong and energized.


Furthermore, this is also a card of patience. Sometimes when we encounter health issues, it can seem like there's no way out or a solution will never come. Temperance reminds you that slow and steady wins the race. This also applies to any mental health struggles you may be facing. Be gentle and forgiving with yourself. When this card shows up in a reading about health, it's to let you know that you're on the right path toward healing. You've found the balance between striving for physical health while nurturing yourself with love and kindness.



Spirituality Tarot Readings — The High Priestess


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The High Priestess is one of the luckiest cards you can get in a reading about your spirituality. She brings a message of deep connection and alignment with spirit and your intuition when she appears. She lets you know that you're bridging the gap between your conscious and subconscious mind as you work with the energies around you.


Seeing this card in a reading means you're calling in energies of the divine feminine. No matter what gender you are, you have both divine feminine and masculine within you. However, in a world driven by more masculine energy, it can take a bit of work to connect with the creative and intuitive feminine parts of us. The High Priestess shows up when you're doing just that. You're on your way back to connecting to your spirituality and rediscovering your innate intuitive powers. Simply being aware of this can carry you lightyears forward in your spiritual journey.


Working with the Tarot can be a beautiful way to seek guidance and clarity on nearly any topic. Some cards make you light up when they appear in a spread. Remember that full Tarot readings are deeply complex and full of information. Don't forget to consider the whole message when interpreting any of these cards. But when they do appear, think of them as a big hug and reassurance from the Universe that everything is working out in your favor!

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