How Your Zodiac's Energy Influences Others

Want to know what others think of you at first glance? Read on to find out what impressions and impacts you produce!


Your energy impacts the people you encounter in surreal ways. You may chalk up some of the relationships you have with your closest friends — or worst enemies — down to a chemistry balance, but in reality, there’s a more divine explanation. Simply put, the way others act around you is written in the stars.


How does your zodiac sign change the room you're in?


Just as the sky is vast, complex, and enticing, every human inhabits a universe inside them. Once you recognize the impact of your zodiac sign, you’ll be able to see what you bring to the table and how it changes the vibe others portray around you. Your energies may fall within your Big three or your stellium zodiac sign. Look for your zodiac to observe the energy others may see and feel from you.

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