How to Heal Your Body Using Astrology

Each part of your body is governed by particular Zodiac signs, meaning we have the energy of every single sign in our bodies. When a certain body part is facing an illness, you can use your energies to try and heal it. Read on to find out how to channel your energies and use the power of the Zodiac!



Use your energies to heal your body





Mar 21 - Apr 19

This fiery Zodiac sign is associated with hair, head, and face. Its powerful energy is connected with leadership, defending yourself, motivation, and achieving your goals against all odds. It governs the emotions of confidence, anger, and courage. 

When this sign’s energies are imbalanced, it usually manifests in loss of confidence, depression, migraines, skin problems, runny nose, and hair loss. To balance the energies of this sign and heal yourself, you need to give up your hyperactive thoughts, try to be calmer, and pay attention to the world around you.




Apr 20 - May 20


This earthly sign governs the upper back, throat, neck, thyroid, and tonsils. Its energies are all about stability, balance, and consistency. Taurus reigns over the material, physical world, and feelings of security. The sign’s energies are confident, calm, and are strongly connected with pleasures.

When this sign’s energies are imbalanced, it can manifest in neck problems, back pains, sore throat, and a hoarse voice. It may also result in an irrational fear of something terrible that is about to happen. To heal your body, try harmonizing your throat area by singing and modifying your life and environment if it’s possible.




May 21 - June 20


This sign is associated with the mind, your ability to express thoughts in the most efficient way, creativity, and intelligence. It’s also connected with your arms and hands. Because Geminis are the social butterflies of the Zodiac, the sign’s energies are all about expressing yourself freely.

When the energies of the sign are imbalanced, it may manifest in confused mental processes, pain in the arms, and a fear of expressing your thoughts freely. To heal yourself and feel better, you should try meditating or keeping a diary. It helps you calm down and get rid of obsessive thoughts.




June 21 - July 22


Cancer reigns over the heart and chest. The energy of this sign is all about expressing your true emotions. It’s also connected with kindness and your will to serve and help others. Cancer is one of the most compassionate and supportive Zodiac signs. It’s the healer of the Zodiac circle.

The energy imbalance can manifest itself in your emotions going wild and uncontrollable, exhaustion, desire to be alone, and being more sensitive. To heal yourself, you should try breathing exercises or just spending more time in the fresh air if it’s possible. Get your complete soul profile here. 




July 23 - Aug 22


This royal sign reigns over the heart and upper back. Leo’s energy is all about being yourself, shining, and being unafraid to express your real thoughts and opinions. Leo is confident, proud, and never scared to pursue their wildest goals. 

The energy imbalance may result in heart diseases, back pain, difficulties in expressing your feelings, a lack of confidence, and fear of being rejected or alone. Here’s how to heal your body: open your heart by being creative or openly talking to those you care about.




Aug 23 - Sept 22


This sign governs the stomach and digestive system. This sign’s element is earth, making its energies grounded and peaceful. Virgo is very intelligent and never fails to notice smaller details and analyze them.

Sometimes, when the energy loses its balance, it may result in problems with the digestive system, eating disorders, obsessive behavior, stubbornness, and anxiety. To heal yourself, you need to get rid of repetitive thoughts and clear your mind with the use of meditation, yoga, or creative exercises.




Sept 23 - Oct 23


Libra governs the kidneys, bladder, and lower back. This sign’s energies are all about building healthy relationships and taking care of your loved ones. It’s associated with learning to connect with others and expressing your thoughts. The essence of Libra is charming, sincere, sharing, and romantic.

When the energy of Libra is imbalanced, it can result in being too dependent on others. It can also cause some kidney or bladder-related issues such as infections or back pain. To heal your body, you need to think more about others and look for compromises. Find your own ways and be more independent.




Oct 24 - Nov 22


Scorpio’s energy governs the genital area. Scorp is all about transformation, learning how to change and grow, and being unafraid to look at your dark side to find the light in it. The sign is associated with being secretive, charming, magnetic, and somewhat romantic. 

When the energies of the sign lose their balance, it may result in fear, a feeling of blockage, depression, anxiety, and a lack of libido. Here’s how to balance your energies and heal yourself: learn to accept changes and clear your mind. Meditation, spending time near water, or tantra can help you with this.




Nov 23 - Dec 21


The energies of Sag govern the hips and the liver. The sign is all about learning and teaching others. Sags are always ready to go on for an adventure; they’re never afraid to explore new places and new people. For them, to live means to learn and discover. They aspire to understand the world and life itself.

The energy imbalance may result in some problems with your hips and liver. It can also cause anxiety issues and the inability to stay in one place for a long time. To balance the energies of Sagittarius and heal your body, you need to travel more if it’s possible or just learn new things at home.




Dec 22 - Jan 19


This sign governs your teeth, bones, and knees. Its energies are connected with productivity and getting things done in the most effective way possible. Caps are extremely ambitious and will do everything to achieve their goals. They hate chaos; their energy is all about harmony and order.

When the energies of the sign are imbalanced, some serious knee or bone problems can happen. It can also result in blockages and a lack of motivation and creativity. To heal yourself and balance the energies of Capricorn, you need to take a break and check what exactly fuels your motivation. Relax and meditate.




Jan 20 - Feb 19


The energy of Aquarius is connected with your nervous system and your ankles. This sign loves discovering new things and bringing out their inner rebel. Aquarius is open-minded, community-oriented, creative, and energizing.

When the energy of this sign loses its balance, it may result in the feeling of being lost in this big, scary world; sometimes it can even cause panic attacks and severe anxiety. To heal yourself and your mind, you need to find the balance: think about the big picture and surround yourself with people who understand and support you.




Feb 20 - Mar 20


The energy of this sign is associated with your feet. Pisces is all about aligning with your spirituality and a deep understanding of life. Their energy awakens compassion, artistry, creativity, and a strong connection to the divine.

When the energies of the sign become chaotic, it often may cause selfishness, being detached from others, and being extra sensitive. To heal yourself and feel better, you need to get in touch with the spiritual part of your life. Try to channel your energy into something productive: try drawing, knitting, or writing.

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