Finding Prosperity and Abundance Using Tarot

We can all use more prosperity and abundance in our lives. But did you know you can use Tarot cards to help you figure out how to actually achieve this? Keep reading to learn how!


The Tarot is an amazing tool for helping you work through some of the issues you might be facing. A common desire is to live a life filled with more prosperity and abundance. By using Tarot cards along with Tarot spreads, you’ll be able to learn about what’s blocking prosperity in your life, and how to work through those blocks to achieve success. 


Ask Your Question Wisely before a Tarot Spread


The very first thing you have to do is be specific about the kind of prosperity you want in your life.  Maybe you’re looking for a new job, wanting to start a successful business, or you’re simply worried about your bills. Be as specific as possible about what you want and then go from there.


When asking your question, it’s advisable to avoid simple yes/no questions. Asking your question in this way can disempowering, leaving you with a feeling of helplessness surrounding the outcome. Instead of asking “Will I get a new job?” try “What steps do I need to take to find a new job?” Instead of “Will I get more money?” try “What’s blocking me from raising my income?” Remember, you are the master of your own fate and you can use the Tarot to help you take better control of your life.



Use Tarot to Get Your Answers


Now it’s time to pick your Tarot spread! There are hundreds of spreads online and in books that you can use to help you find prosperity. You can even make up your own! However, If you’re a beginner, it’s recommended that you start with the Three Card Spread. This is the easiest to use when you’re first starting out and one most beginners turn to when they’re learning. 


Next, shuffle your cards and then choose them while they’re still face down. Some people choose their cards by allowing them to fall out of the deck as they shuffle. Others cut the deck and pull the card from the top. Play around with different methods to find what works for you.


Place each card in the position of the spread and interpret each card with that energy. You might want to write down what you find in your journal or take a photo of the cards so that you can reference them later. But that’s it! Using the Tarot along with a spread is simple, straightforward, and easy for anyone to do.


Three-Card Spread


Here’s an example of a three-card spread you can use when asking the cards about bringing more prosperity into your life.



  1. Your current situation (left): The card placed here will help you gain more clarity and insight on the present moment as things are today. 
  2. Blocks (middle): This card will tell you about the situations and energies stopping you from living a more prosperous and abundant life.
  3. Solution (right): Finally, this card tells you how to move through your blocks and welcome more prosperity.


Five-Card Spread

If you have more experience with using Tarot cards and spreads, you can experiment with a more advanced five-card layout. 



  1. Past (left) The Situations and Energies from the past that lead you to your current situation. 
  2. Present (center) What you can do right now to move forward and live a prosperous life.
  3. Future (right) Possible outcome if you follow the center card’s advice.
  4. Unseen energies (top) subconscious or unknown energies to the situation. 
  5. Known energies (bottom) obvious obstacles to the situation.


These are just two simple yet effective Tarot spreads that you can use to call in more prosperity. Once you feel comfortable working with spreads like these, you’ll be able to move on to more advanced spreads that give you a deeper understanding and more in-depth resolutions to your questions.


Working with Tarot spreads is helpful and important because it provides organization and clarity to your readings. Each position tells you exactly what you need to know to move forward. There’s no guessing about what each card could possibly mean or how it applies to your situation. It’s all laid out for you!



Make Sure You Interpret Your Cards Correctly


Though using a Tarot spread makes reading your cards fairly easy, sometimes it can be a bit daunting for a beginner to figure out, especially if you’re not familiar with what each card means. Additionally, sometimes we have biases about what we want the outcome to be when we read for ourselves. It’s easy to try to interpret the cards in a way that distorts the message into what we want to hear as opposed to what we need to hear. When that’s the case, the next best thing to do would be to have someone read your cards for you! We offer professional Tarot readings that can give you fantastic insights into the steps you can take to live a more prosperous life. Moreover, by ordering a Tarot spread from time to time you can actually learn to interpret the card you get in a more profound way. Eventually, you will even feel more confident about consulting the Tarot deck on your own whenever you need to make a decision!


Living a prosperous life full of abundance and joy is something every person deserves. The Tarot is a beautiful tool that can aid you in figuring out how to reach this goal.  Whether you’re reading cards for yourself or getting a reading from a professional, you can count on the Tarot to provide clear and helpful insights on how you can find more prosperity. 


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