Biden’s Astro Report

Here’s what stars and planets tell us about Joe Biden


Astrology can say a lot about your personality. It can also say a lot about someone else’s personality – someone who may become president, for example. That’s why we’ve prepared Joe Biden’s soul profile report to find out what to expect from him and his possible presidency. 


What is soul profile, anyway?


Your Soul Profile Analysis describes facets of your life's purpose, talents, doubts, weaknesses, as well as your future and more. Your birth info is used here to explore your (or Joe Biden’s) unique qualities and life lessons. 

Now, let’s have a look at Mr. Biden’s soul profile. 



Joe Biden’s Will and Life Purpose


According to astrology, his main purpose in life is to deepen and make more genuine whatever he thinks is important. He has the ability to see into the heart or the core of a person or situation, and to heal or change what he finds there for the better. He can elicit extremes of mistrust or devotion from others and be either mistrustful or utterly devoted. 


But this psychological insight is compromised by this important thing: he suspects that others are doing the same to him with dubious intentions. This gives rise to a downward spiral of discord that appears to prove his suspicions correct. 



Joe Biden’s Sun Aspects

Head Case


His intellect is a constant source of information and stimulation to others. He has a particularly active mind and takes pride in making good use of it. His powers of reason are higher than average but at the same time, it can cause stress because he’s inclined to work everything out in his head. Overthinking things is natural for him. It’s important for him to remind himself that there’s more to life than just what he’s thinking. 




His pleasant disposition is bound to positively enhance all of this. He has a strong desire to please and easily creates a friendly atmosphere. His in-built charm can easily accomplish this, as well as attracting material benefits. But he needs not to allow this to lull him into expecting that this life is as easy as pie. 




He has an essentially benign nature that attracts tons of opportunities, funds, help when it is needed, and people in foreign parts who are well-disposed towards him. But he often allows negative matters to build up to a point where he has to use his luck to solve the issue. 


Leading Light


He takes up a radical position and aims to introduce a strong sense of the innovative to the world. This may involve science and technology. He’s challenged in all the above-described areas with regard to this innovative stance, especially by more conservative people and sometimes by his own personality. He’s rebellious and cranky but he’s his own person. 


Innate ability  


Pervading all of his being is natural for him. Because this makes for a passive disposition, he prefers to turn the other cheek rather than take issue. More aggressive instincts are likely to be used to protect himself. He knows that allowing his life to take its own course almost never fails to help him achieve his goals. His ability to inspire others and be inspired is very important in his life and should not be ignored. 


People (especially presidents and politicians) are unpredictable creatures, so we can’t be 100

ure Joe Biden’s possible presidency will go as it is described here. What we 100
ure of is that you can get your own (or Donald Trump’s) soul profile analysis in just a couple of clicks. 


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