12 Astrological Houses That Rule Your Feelings, Thoughts, Actions, and More

Are you interested in astrology knowledge? Want to know what the Zodiac signs of the planets are? What to know what the different Houses in astrology are and what they mean for you?



People interested in astrology will find that each sign is separated into Houses. It's a birth chart of 12 Houses that encompasses life. Each house is unique in terms of experiences and expressions and includes planets, so people understand how it is moving and how life will go. 


Houses are not the same as Zodiac signs founded on the sun's annual rotational movement. Houses are the Earth's 24-hour rotation. When developing a birth chart, astrologers combine the two aspects. 


According to Dane Rudhyar, an astrologer, a mandala is a birth chart. This chart provides individuals with ideas on how they can achieve their life's purpose and calling.


People know the astrological houses as horoscopes, which they see as a personal prediction of daily life. The star chart is a gateway into a person's personality and how they co-exist with the people and world around them. They help to formulate an understanding of one's past, current, and future. 



What Are The 12 Astrological Houses?



First House (of Aries and Mars)


This house provides you with an impression of your world. It's regarded as the identity and provides clues into your personality and physical attributes. It also provides insight into the kind of person people feel you are. 



Second House (of Taurus and Venus)


This focuses on morals and money. Strength and resourcefulness are deemed necessary to establish a self-sufficient life that correlates with values you hold dear. 



Third House (of Gemini and Mercury)


Within this house is a focus on family, education, and day vacations; to learn as much as possible and share it with the community. 



Fourth House (of Cancer and Moon)


The house focuses on family and its past, offering a sense of home. Your nesting feeling comes from the planets influencing you and your experiences at home.  It's all tied to influential sources of the past. 



Fifth House (of Leo and Sun)


Creativity and confidence rein in this house – to love and express yourself and relate to younger generations. This is the risk-taking house in creative industries. 



Sixth House (of Virgo and Mercury or Chiron)


Healthy Routine is the name of the house, with a focus on diet, exercise, etc. Mercury or Chiron offers you a glimpse of how you deal with everyday life, your physical health, and the people you meet. 



Seventh House (of Libra and Venus)


Within this house are clues about important relationships such as marriage, friendships, business partners, etc. They are a reflection of yourself, and its planets give ideas of your own growth. 



Eighth House (of Scorpio and Pluto)


This house focuses on the renewal of life, concentrating on the deeper and more destructive aspects such as your own hidden psyche. The planets dictate the emotions you should when faced with uncertainty. 



Ninth House (of Sagittarius and Jupiter)


The focus under this house is on knowledge and exploration. This house brings together everything you know into what is called a "philosophy of life." It reflects your personal dreams, goals, and quests in an attempt to attain greater acumen (intelligence). 



Tenth House (of Capricorn and Saturn)


If you're born under this house, your focus is often on long-term goals and personal power. You have the power to make changes, becoming an expert in a particular field. It reveals the tenacity you have to achieve the goals you set for yourself. 



Eleventh House (of Aquarius and Uranus)


This is the house of alliances and friendships. Within this house, you see the types of associations you make founded on similar future goals. 



Twelfth House (of Pisces and Neptune)


In the last house, known as the "house of undoing," the focus is on secreted realities. Planets in this house are susceptible to misconception because they are involved in all and not translucent. When there is growth, it takes place at a "soul level" – where people don't see it occur. 

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